10 January 2012

string blocks finished

my string blocks for the mini scrap block swap are done and posted - they were fun blocks to do.

Unfortunately my sd card didn't come back to life so I've had to order another one - in the meantime I'm using a very old card that holds 7 photos - yes that's right - 7 photos !

so here are my finished blocks all together.


  1. There is nothing sweeter than string blocks. I like the little strip of white as the setting point on these colorful blocks.

  2. Leanne you must be so pleased they look fantastic...

  3. They look great. I pulled out all my strings to save before I emptied the trash can from my studio and one day will try to make one of these myself.

  4. Love strings! Time consuming as they are - but fairly mindless!

    Yours are lovely and thanks for dropping by! Come again!

  5. Those string blocks are day I have to do is simply gorgeous!!!


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