22 January 2012

wonky house blocks

yay - finally made a start on the wonky blocks for the wonky house block swap :)

a few weeks ago I drew up some rough sketches of what I thought they should kinda look like...quite easy really (lol)

and yesterday I pulled some fabric in brights - of course I've added more since !

and I made a start - then had visitors (people not the wildlife !) but finished this one last night - I chose the stars fabric then discovered I didn't have very much so its quite heavily pieced :) but I do like the windows - I think the white strip makes it look like the lights are on with the curtains a little bit open - don't you think !

then today I finished three I don't want to be too picky but I think the window of this one should have been up on the left hand side :) but I do love the dog in the doorway !

so onto the third block - and I discovered I'm hopeless at angles - wish I had taken more interest in geometry at school ! when I added the fabric to the right of the pathway it ended up going the wrong angle so I added a flower bed to the edge of the pathway which fixed it !

and the final one for today - I thought I'd use some teapot fabric but couldn't find anything suitable for the background - after three attempts and lots of unpicking I decided to go plain :)

I'm lovin' the wonky house blocks - they're such fun (sorry about the long post though :)


  1. All fabulous Leanne - glad you got started and you will soon get your Wonky head on! Your little pictures are cute too!

  2. Your houses look like they were fun to se.! Every one of them is very creative, and I especially like the east-facing chimney. Maybe a real one like that would make it easier for Santa to get into the house. Very cute and uber-creative. Nice work!


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