17 January 2012

new camera

Buying a digital SLR has been on my wishlist for a few years now - I own a Canon SLR and still remember the day I bought a new zoom lens for it - but alas with no film its now in a box !

I love to take nature and landscape photos as well as photos of my craft and while I love my little sony I just can't get up close and personal to the birds and other nature that visit and the photos pixellate when trying to crop them for detail.

When I bought my laptop the same shop had the Canon 600D (with twin lens) on sale at a very good price - it arrived yesterday but when I got home discovered I had to charge the battery for 2 hours before I could use it! It comes with an 18 - 55mm lens and a 55 - 250mm lens - shown below with 55 - 250 lens.

This morning I was lucky enough to be visited by a group of pink and grey galahs - so I kept pippi inside and sat on the front verandah putting the canon to work :)  I took 30 photos in 8 minutes so I'm going to have heaps of fun with this little baby - here's a few galahs sitting on the fence :)

and this is one of the galahs cropped from the photo above - can't believe the detail - I think I'm in love ♥


  1. Wow, the Galah looks professionally photographed. Great shots...

  2. "In love" with the galah, or the camera!? I think both! We don't have galah's in the US (at least I've never seen them) so I marveled over them in Oz, when I got to see them in person. They're beautiful. I'm taking notes about your camera, as I have the same issues with a seven year-old Fine-Pix brand. It just won't die, but I'd like to take more detailed photos. Please keep taking more pics and showing us. Can you catch a 'roo or a koala?

  3. Isn't it amazing what a difference a 'good' digital camera can make? Looking forward to more of your amazing photos this year!

  4. Great shot ! Will you be taking photos and run out of sewing time?

  5. Very lucky girl....look out, lots of posts now...


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