09 January 2012

happy new year

happy new year to everyone...

I'm now online at home - yes that's right - I've finally got an internet service and a new computer so I can blog and google and everything else internet right from my living room or anywhere else I would like to be - YAY !!

As I live out of town and have quite a few hills surrounding me its been a bit of a drama trying to get onto the internet but I've now got a wireless service which works so its very exciting :)

I bought a computer on the weekend and today decided to download some photos from my camera directly to my computer so I could do my first post for the year but alas my memory card in my camera didn't like it and is now not working and my card reader is at work but hopefully I'll be able to get my memory card to work in that.

I'm back to work tomorrow (I've been on leave since christmas) so I'll be able to transfer all my info from my work computer to this one and then there'll be no stopping me :)

Hope everyone had a fabulous christmas and new year - mine was very quiet and relaxing but not a great deal of sewing was done - some string blocks and I made a cover for my diary but I have designed most of my houses for the wonky blocks swap - the time just seemed to disappear !

The scrappy string blocks are due to be posted tomorrow - I'll try and get a few more done tonight and hopefully I can borrow a camera to take photos before I post them off.

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