30 November 2011

omg - huge storms and hail stones

that's right - I said hail stones - a day before the first day of summer and last night we had huge storms with some of the biggest lightening strikes I've seen for a while and to finish we had a hail storm  - and of course I had to take these photos at 2.30 am :)

hail stones at the front door

hail on pippi's garden seat and see that other chair on an angle - its not supposed to be there !

and now pippi has a broken food bowl :(

its been raining all morning as well so looks like we're set for a wet start to summer.

before the storm last night I finished sewing all the strips together for the postage stamp quilt - and while I was pressing the final seam on each row I discovered a little boo boo ...
so a bit of quick unpicking, move a block to the end of the row and then a resew and you'd never know !

I figure with 1,800 2 inch square blocks that make up this quilt - something had to go wrong :)

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  1. That's some hail to break the dish! Little oops in a quilting life just have to happen!


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