06 November 2011

the ghastlies giveaway

gee - I was blown away by the response to my day on the ghastlies blog hop - thank you ALL so much for visiting and leaving very kind comments - it took me a little while but I've replied to them all - except for comments from no reply bloggers ! if you are one of those then visit Madame Samm to find out how to fix that :)

just before I announce the giveaway winner  I thought I'd show you my finished blocks for the blogger's block of the month

this is my third of block 1

and this is my third of block 2

and these are all of the blocks 1 and 2 - I'm making 3 of each 

oh and just a little something I've been working on this afternoon - its from a tutorial by Helen Stubbings who was a guest on Madame Samm's Sew We Quilt last month - the design is coloured in with pencils and embroidered around the edges

ok - I've kept you in suspense long enough ... drum roll please ...

the winner of the ghastlies mug rug is ... Shirley C - who left this comment:

I love mug rugs. Yours is so cute too! This hop is so ghastlie cute!

Congratulations Shirley C - I've sent you an email so Aunt Gertrude and co will be with you soon !


  1. Love your little faux applique! I ordered her book and am waiting on the medium, so I can start playing with it, too! What did you do to make is all sparkly?!? That's so pretty! :)

  2. Congratulations mug rug winner. Daisy your blocks are beautiful. Love the colored flowers for embroidery. I will need to check this out. Serene Sunday...

  3. Thanks so much! I was so excited when I received your email.
    I love these blocks! Glad I found your blog.


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