24 November 2011

mini scrap basket block swap

I've joined in a mini scrap basket block swap over at flickr - we're making 6 1/2" string blocks for our first swap.

I'm a bit nervous cause its my first swap and after I made my first block and then saw photos of others on the group page I suddenly felt a bit scared that mine wasn't as good :0 but the gorgeous Shawn (our bee mama) left a comment on my block photo saying it was beautiful so I feel a bit better but not before I changed a couple of the strips !

here's my first block

then with the couple of strip changes
and my second block
and the two together

its amazing how the look changes when put together differently.  We are to make sets of 4 blocks so they can be put together as 12 inch finished blocks.  I'll definately make 4 and hopefully get some confidence to do more :)


  1. Another interesting idea! I am collecting ideas that I never woud have thought of on my own. Working on a few too. Love your blocks, creative and cheerful!


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