08 November 2011

she's back...

yes, my gorgeous elna is back home where she belongs - after 6 1/2 weeks of being away - I'm soooo happy that she's home and I can get back to full-on sewing  - and because she has had her motor rewound I'm sure she will cope with the backlog I've got !

I put her through her paces as soon as I got her home yesterday and did the first 5 blocks in the bloggers' quilt-uber-fest and she went like a dream :)

oh, and before I go I just wanted to show you pippi's favourite morning spot - she's in the kitchen where the sun streams in through the kitchen window ♥


  1. So long not to have your your blocks and it looks the perfect spot for mornings, well done Pippi...

  2. Gorgeous blocks! Glad your beloved is home~

  3. Yeah to a fixed machine. Mine....not so good. After workign well for a couple of strips, it started acting up again and I haven't had time to fight with it. As you can surmise, I am not a happy camper. But I'm glad that you are. Nice blocks.

  4. Go Elna go, nothing like how machines use to be made.....luv seeing pippi so relaxed....


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