28 November 2011

improv piecing

on the weekend I made the august improv block from the modern block of the month - it certainly took a little bit of time and of course I'm sure I mucked up the instructions a bit but got it finished which is the main thing - yes, I still need to do the second one ...

and I finished sewing together the square one l'amour quilt top and now just need to put the border on - I also sewed more blocks together on the postage stamp quilt - so hopefully I'll get both these tops finished this week (I'm sure I took photos but can't seem to find them now !)

I turned the radio on during the power outage yesterday so I would know exactly when the power was back on and headed straight for the sewing room - it wasn't that bad during the outage and I did get the November Blogger's BOM blocks cut out so they were ready to sew - nearly finished the three of them - just have to sew them together tonight.

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