01 September 2012

sunny spring

a big welcome to the first day of spring !

the daffodils are out - I've been watching these little bulbs in the park across from my house - its so nice to finally see their pretty little faces :)

but mother nature certainly let us know it was the last day of winter yesterday with a little bit of snow !

that settled for quite a while on the hills ...

but at least it was a nice sunny day today and I'm really hoping it will stay that way :)


  1. Yes, I'd say that was a VERY little bit of snow, but pretty to look at. The daffodils are especially lovely. Great photos.

  2. You are looking forward to warm weather and we are heading into cold - the Canadian Geese have arrived on all our ponds, a good sign that winter is on it's way early.

  3. Beautiful photos especially since it is still hot where I live. Happy spring to you!


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