12 September 2012

fab little quilt swap

so over the past few days I've cut and sewn half square triangles for my little diamond quilt for my swap partner in the fab little quilt swap.

my partner likes purple, blue, and green and when I put my fabric choices together I wasn't really sure about them.

but after putting this little quilt on the design wall, I think it looks pretty nice together!  I did swap a few of the fabrics - used some navy blue rather than the lighter blues which I think works better.

I also thought of doing the same quilt but with aqua and red as I thought I would love that combo more  and my partner has an aqua sewing room - so I cut and sewed those little hst and put them on the wall too.

and you know what - I'm not sure I like this half as much !  I think the first one is a much better combo - maybe its just the design and the use of two colours - so I think I'll play around with the aqua and red a bit longer - chevrons maybe ?

I've just noticed on flickr that my partner left a comment that she loves the first one (surprise, surprise!) and hasn't even left a comment on the second one ! both photos have had about 43 views but the purple, green, and blue has 21 comments and the aqua and red only 5 - so I think the people have spoken as well!


  1. I like them both, but the first one really is a popper - super job on all the HSTs

  2. well done on both Leanne,they look fantastic.xx

  3. I love the first one, as I love blues and purples. The second is nice too, but looking at them on the computer screen the first one seems softer on the eyes. But then maybe my eyes are just older;-)

    blessings, jill

  4. They're both very pretty, but I agree with everyone else. I love the first!

  5. Oh wow - I love the purple, blue and green's just gorgeous and definitely my kind of thing!

  6. So pretty! (I'm a fan of the first too!)

  7. I think they are both individually lovely - they just don't like each other! Both great just stop them fighting each other Leanne!


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