07 September 2012

sarah's quilts

I bought some quilts recently from Sarah Fielke and they arrived this week !

Sarah is a very well known Australian quilter who has written three books, designs fabric for Leicien, and teaches both in Australia and overseas.

To make room for the quilts from her fourth book which will be out in April next year, she recently had a sale of some of her mini quilts and also bigger quilts.

I was very excited to be able to purchase the geese around the world mini quilt as its one I have actually made (twice!) and to be able to hang Sarah's original up in my sewing room is so fabulous :)

This mini is from Sarah's Quilting from Little Things book and is featured on the back cover along with her gorgeous little pooch, Madam.  The Australia and US versions have different front and back covers !

and of course as soon as I saw this red triangle and polka dot mini - I just fell in love so I had to buy it as well - its just so gorgeous and I love the prairie points too :)

Sarah has co-written two books Material Obsession and Material Obsession 2 with the fabulously talented Kathy Doughty and these books have so many gorgeous quilts as well ! Of course I have both of these books but I haven't made anything from them yet - but they are just so beautiful to look at !

You can find Sarah at her blog - The Last Piece.

We have local government elections tomorrow so I'm working from 7am to 7pm - phew long day ! hopefully I'll be able to get some sewing in on Sunday :)

have a great weekend !


  1. wow Leanne what a wonderful buy,well done.xx

  2. How amazing to have some of Sarah's quilts! I have her book MO1 and it's full of eye candy and over the summer I came across the Made from Little Things Book and it's completely gorgeous. Enjoy your goodies!

  3. I've always admired Sarah's design of those 16 flying geese - Geese Around the World. Well, I just love geese, which is why I made the 12-geese version myself. You have some great buys there. Hope your 12-hour day was manageable!


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