24 September 2012

conquering those curves!

on the weekend I decided to tackle the curves of the totally groovy quilt.

amazingly, the craftsy bom blocks for September were drunkard's path too so I thought I would practice on those first.

I have a curvemaster foot and was pretty confident that I knew how to use it - I'd watched a few video tutorials and it looked kind of easy .... I should have known better !

So I cut out the pies and crusts of the drunkard's path craftsy blocks and started sewing them together and had issues straight away - none of them were ending well and I kept catching the inner circle when I was sewing.

the first one will be interesting as I try to sew it together - as not many of the seams line up !

hopefully they'll sew together ok though !

doing the blocks for the second one I actually did one almost perfect block !

and the rest turned out a bit better - at least I didn't catch the bottoms

but I'll probably still have issues trying to sew the block together !

when I cut out the totally groovy blocks I noticed that the inner curve template was way smaller than the craftsy one so I was a little worried with that - I think I'd heard somewhere that starching the fabric would help with stretching so I starched all of these blocks - I sewed a few and while one turned out ok the others were wonky and had seams extending - oh well - there's always tomorrow !

so I went to bed on Sunday night thinking that I couldn't do curves with the curvemaster !

anyway, not to be outdone by a sewing foot, this morning I tried again but it wasn't pretty !

they either didn't sit right or I was catching the inner curve !

So it was time to do something else !

There were a pile of papers on my cutting table that I needed to sort through so I started that - about half way through I saw a curvemaster tutorial that I'd printed out and read through it and discovered what I might be doing wrong - I think instead of holding the top fabric straight up I was kind of holding it to the side so I jumped on the machine and tried another curve as I still had about 18 to sew !!

well the first one turned out not too bad - the difference between these two is quite amazing !

the final lot that I sewed turned out really well too - I was very happy - I think I might have conquered the curvemaster - yippee !!

hope you had a great weekend !


  1. What great looking block! The colours are so bright and fun! Good luck sewing them together =D

  2. well done Leanne for trying something new.xx

  3. Well done for keeping going, and for mastering it, I'm worried about the solution being to read the instructions, I'm of the try it first, and keep the instructions for the last resort school!!

  4. well done for all that perseverance! You came out on top!

  5. Your curves are getting better and better, don't give up. I left you a link to another method in the flickr group but it looks like you are doing fine now.


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