05 March 2012

a rainy weekend

means lots of sewing - I mean what else can you do when its raining so much there are flood alerts all around !

On Saturday, after spending quite a bit of time on the computer in front of the fire I thought I'd better get some sewing done and my sewing room was nice and warm so I did the February Blogger's BOM blocks.

on Sunday I started the Craftsy BOM blocks - I finally organised the fabrics I am going to use so was happy to get the January blocks done - I hadn't done an asterisk block before so watching Amy put it together on the video was really handy.

this is the second January block - wonky pound sign - very much like the connector blocks I did last week - love this block as well :)

and I finally got the Long Distance Quilting Bee February block done - Kathy had asked for bright colours with some black and white in a mexican theme - I must admit the mexican theme had me stumped for quite some time - I kept thinking maracas and sombreros which didn't help at all ! then last week I googled mexican quilting and found a mexican rose block which I thought would be good but then on Saturday discovered that Margaret from our group had already done one of those for Kathy!

So after I'd done the Craftsy blocks I thought maybe a mexican star - I had done a starflower block for the January care at do.good stitches group and thought that might just work !  so I made up the block using some bright colours with a black and white background.

after looking at it on the design wall I was thinking I should have cut out the half square triangles and matched them up into each petal first which I kept thinking about as I was sewing it up - I should have stopped !  so of course as soon as it was finished I promptly unpicked it all and re-sewed - matching up the petals - oh well, unpicking is such a soothing pastime !!

so this is now the finished block - I'm way happier with the matching petals (I think) !

I probably could have got a couple more Craftsy blocks done but after that unpicking though I should just pack up for the day :)

hope you stayed warm and dry this weekend and got some fabulous sewing in :)


  1. A lot of lovely blocks - you made good use of your 'stay inside' time.

  2. Замечательные блоки: очень хорошего качества и приятные по цвету.

  3. Great blocks! Particularly love that first set! And I like both versions of the Mexican star! You must like unpicking more than me Leanne! hehe!

  4. Lots of lovely blocks - looks like a busy weekend!

  5. A weekend full of wonderful block were very productive! They are all lovely.

  6. Love, love all your blocks! Your Bloggers' BOM blocks are the best! It looks like your Asterisk block might be sewn differently than Karen Griska's ( design. It's very effective, and a block I really like. I've only made a few of them. Mine were put into a group quilt that will be auctioned off this summer to raise money for a Lutheran Bible camp. Perhaps I'll make more of them for myself one of these days. Your stuff is great, Leanne. Wish we lived closer together so we could sew together whenever it rains... or snows.

  7. Oh the wonders of a rainy day. I wish I could get one of those soon, without any of the kiddos at home!

  8. I love all of your blocks but especially the mexican star (both versions). Thank goodness for stay in and sew days! Happy sewing!


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