19 March 2012


I signed up for the doll quilt swap a little while ago and waited patiently to see if I got in – when the email arrived I was very excited – I checked out my secret swap partner and thought I came up with a great block idea – apparently the swap guidelines are different this year and we had a choice of four different blocks, with no white to be used for the background, and we had to use at least six blocks in the quilt.

So checking out my partner I noticed that she loved grey and a touch of pink so thought a wonky churn dash block might be good….with this idea in mind I went about doing other sewing that needed to be done and a week ago thought I’d better get started on doing this quilt – it has to be posted by 2 April.

So last week while checking in with the group thought I'd check on my partner again and all of a sudden her photos have been updated and there is a heap of colour everywhere so I thought maybe I haven’t made the right choice (read p.a.n.i.c) so I started trying to think about what other blocks and colours I could do.

I thought maybe I could use my half moon fat eighths to do some wonky churn dash blocks but there wasn’t enough contrast although they look good with a white background !

I am using different purples with a touch of lime and orange for my new york beauty blocks so thought I could use some of that fabric and had a play with doing some flying geese blocks but I wasn’t so sure.

Then last Thursday finally decided I would do a mini version of the flying geese circle block by making nine 6½ “ blocks.  So on the weekend I started making the blocks and did one and a half blocks and realised I only had enough backing fabric to get maybe three whole blocks done if I was lucky – well by Sunday I was well and truly stressed and confused about this mini quilt – how can one little quilt cause so much unrest !!

I really liked how these blocks were turning out and I did think about doing some blocks with a different background colour (thanks Nicky) but I don’t have very many solids with any yardage to choose from and I don’t have a great deal of time to be doing practice blocks and absolutely no time to order any more fabric so I decided to use the heap of greys I had already purchased for this quilt and go back to my original idea of doing the wonky churn dash blocks.  I also thought about doing this circle with a grey background but I thought there would be just too much grey !

I'm using a bit darker pink that the original and some of the grey fabrics have a touch of yellow and blues in them as well.

Now that I am at peace with my decision (kind of!) I hope I can get this little quilt done quickly and I really hope it looks good and that my partner loves it :)


  1. Isn't it amazing how something that sounds like fun can turn into something stressful without warning? I love all the blocks you've made and all your ideas and I'm sure your partner will love her (his?!) grey wonky blocks! I can't wait to see it finished!!

  2. Leanne, I just wanted to tell you that I love to stalk all your QALs and swaps! In fact, I just joined the wonky tree swap & design camp group 3...totally found those groups from your blog posts. I'm very thrilled. Thanks for all your posts!

  3. I love all these options but the flying geese are awesome! Any of these would be my cup of tea!

  4. Great blocks and love those wonky churns!


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