07 January 2014

happy new year !

hope you all had a really fabulous Christmas and new year :)

one of my new year resolutions was to blog more and its now 7 days into the new year and this is my first one !

I do have a lot to catch up on but my biggest news in the past month has been the arrival of a new sewing machine.

my mum and dad are my biggest fans and supporters of my quilting - my mum is also a quilter and its so great to be able to talk with her - in fact sometimes dad doesn't get a word in on our hour or so long telephone conversations as we're too busy talking quilting !

Anyway, I'd been dreaming about a buying a Bernina 550QE for a little while and in early December I sent mum an email that I'd received from a friend who recently purchased one.  Bernina has big sales in December and May so I said to mum that I might look at buying one but probably in the May sales.

a couple of days later I received an email from Mum telling me that she and dad had decided to buy me the sewing machine for christmas - you can imagine my shock and surprise to get that email.

I think it might just be the best christmas present I've ever received - at least on par with my pushbike when I was 7 !

and my mum not being one to dilly dally it arrived a week later !

I was a little bit intimidated by it and it took me about 3 days to even turn it on - normally when you buy a machine from a dealer you get at least minimum instruction but as I didn't have that I didn't even know how to thread it !

but once I got going I haven't stopped - I thought I might use this machine for free motion quilting and still use my old Elna for normal sewing but the old Elna is packed up - there is just no comparison - this machine is a dream !

I've already straight line quilted two quilts on her - the walking foot is fabulous !

one of the main features of the 550QE is the BSR - bernina stitch regulator - which is used for free motion quilting and makes your stitch length the same no matter how slow or fast you go !  I think its a fabulous foot for beginner free motion quilters and as I've now got nearly 24 quilt tops to quilt its going to be fabulous for me :)

I free motion quilted my first quilt over the christmas break and as I'm just finishing the binding I'll do a post very soon!

thanks again mum and dad - love you both :)


  1. Yeah!! Lovely gift and I can see you flying thru that pile of quilts in no time.

  2. You have very sweet parents. It sounds like you're having a blast with your new baby!


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