16 January 2014

first quarter list!

so I've had a few comments about all the things I want to do that I listed in my last post - that certainly wasn't a list of things for this year - unless I can stop working :)

I'm just going to plod along and see what I can get done - the thing that's different this year is that I should be able to quilt a top when I finish it instead of putting it away in the cupboard - thanks to mum and dad and the new bernina :)

so onto my first quarter list for the 2014 finish-along and I'm hoping to quilt a couple of already finished tops before I make anymore this year !

Marney's quilt - I made this for a girl I used to work with - she has now left work but thankfully is still living close by - I'm going to do loops and hearts all over !  Its her birthday in early April so getting a finish this quarter will be fab :)

through the trees - this is another quilt that I made in 2011 but its been sitting waiting for quilting - originally I was going to hand quilt it but I've now decided to straight line quilt it - not sure if its a quicker method though !

Pink spiderweb quilt - it was my month in October for the care at do.good stitches group and all the members made a couple of spiderweb blocks - in pink of course!  I put the top together in the christmas break and I really want to get it finished this quarter.

I also made the Catvent quilt in December - it was a quilt along by Elizabeth Hartman making one block a day from the 1st to 25th December - I didn't have any background fabric to start on time so its another one I finished over christmas.  It just needs some simple diagonal quilting.

so onto the tops I'd love to get done !

I started the double wedding ring quilt in late October as I'd won the templates in a blog hop for the NYC Metro Mod Quilter's Challenge - the challenge finished on 1st December but I was happy with my progress - I now have all the rows done and they just need to be sewn together.  I'm not sure this will be a finish this quarter as I've decided to hand quilt it but if its all together with the quilting started then I'll be happy !

The other quilt I'd love to get done this quarter is the single girl quilt - as I mentioned in my last post I'd decided that it would be one of my passion 48 quilts - working on it for one hour a week - well of course as soon as I started cutting I couldn't really stop and I've now cut out half of the pieces.

I think I might do better if I just concentrate on one project at a time rather than switching over as I currently do !

so I'll see how I go - no pressure - just one stitch at a time as this is something I love doing not something I have to do !

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  1. Good plan! I love that you did Catvent - I pinned it for a friend but then got distracted *ahem* Good luck :o)


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