05 November 2012

hurricane sandy quilt block appeal

I didn't really achieve all the sewing I wanted to on the weekend but I did get four Hurricane Sandy appeal blocks done.

Annabella alerted me to this appeal on Saturday night - Jenn from Knotted Thread has set up a flickr group and is wanting these simple blocks by the end of November so if you have a little fabric and an hour to spare why not make some too :)

my other Sunday sewing included the craftsy BOM October circle of geese block - I forgot how long it takes to paper piece - all that flipping and checking and pressing - but I love the end result :)

and I very nearly finished the long distance quilting bee block for Joy - this was due to be sent by the end of March so I'm very late and it was lost for 4 months which didn't help.

I've unpicked and restitched this whole block since I started - I originally had the purple frame on the inside (kind of a cross effect) so I think it looks way better as an actual frame.

I just need to embroider the lavender flowers in the top left block and I can post it - I'm so glad this is nearly done as I only have one other block to do for this group and we're finished for the year!

I was tossing up last night whether to keep sewing today or do housework - well, unfortunately the housework won but I'm hoping to get it done early so I can get some sewing in later.

hope you did some fabulous sewing over the weekend :)


  1. It is really great that you gals are making blocks/quilts for Sandy victims. There are a few going on here in the US too.

  2. Great idea for the sandy blocks. I am concerned about your decision making process - cleaning should never win ( except maybe over food shopping) and sewing should never lose (but chocolate and wine have distracted me)!!!

  3. I can donate some fabric, is there somewhere I can mail it to.

    Cheers Pauline

    PS your blocks are awesome

  4. Gorgeous blocks.I have also just tagged you in a game of blog tag. to find out more go to No pressure if you don't want to play along,no worries. It's all just a bit of fun.


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