13 November 2012

a little wrong, a little right

its been another week since I've posted - jeepers the time is just flying - must be getting close to christmas huh !

last week I made four blocks for the Hurricane Sandy appeal and when I went to post them I discovered Australia Post has changed their rates - now you can send up to 50 grams or up to 250 grams - nothing in between (they used to have a 125 gram rate) so of course the four blocks were just over the 50 gram mark so I thought I'd make some more as it wasn't going to cost any more to post !

So I sewed up six more blocks and posted them off to Jenn in Hawaii on Thursday - there was a bit of a rush as they had to be there in two weeks.

I then posted the photos of the new blocks on flickr and that's when I discovered they didn't quite look the same as the previous ones I'd made - eeeeekkk - I'd managed to sew them together the wrong way - I couldn't believe it - poor Jenn - she's busy trying to sew up the quilts and I've sent her six blocks that need to be unpicked and resewn - of course I gave her the option of just forgetting about them but she was very gracious about it :)

I still can't believe I didn't notice the difference until I put the photos on flickr - doh !!

on brighter news - I finished the mini quilt for the Modern She Made Round 2 swap - I'm really happy with how it turned out especially as I had another design in mind when I cut all those half square triangles - I suppose that's why I love them - you can make so many designs with them :)

I machine quilted this one with straight line quilting - I really wanted to do the whole quilt in really close parallel lines but I thought it might take away from the design - so I was happy with doing the dense quilting in the corners.  I also  did a square spiral in the centre blocks and some outline quilting !  I'm really happy with the quilting - just hope my partner likes it as well.

I made the label and incorporated it into the backing which was fun - I also put some hanging pockets on the corners so that it can be hung different ways.  I went with white binding which was suggested by mum - I was thinking about using a bright pink but when I laid them out the pink just stood out too much and the white looked way better - thanks mum ♥

As I finished the mini earlier than I had planned I made myself a new bag - I've had this gorgeous organic fabric from daisy janie for a while and I always planned on making a bag with it - so when I saw a bag on the modern she made flickr group that I really liked - I decided to give it a go.

It was really quick and easy and came together in a few hours - its the phoebe bag by Beki and the tutorial is available at her blog here :)

so only one of these projects is on my to do list but at least that's one I can cross off - now to get those swap blocks finished this week :)

hope you're coping with the christmas countdown and enjoying life wherever you are :)


  1. Oh no! That was me commenting, not my daughter Soph!

  2. love those blocks and that bag is gorgeous Leanne,well done.xx

  3. Leanne doesn't it just happen sometimes! Still you your bag!

  4. Love the mini and what a fabulous bag! Thank you for the link.

  5. Love the mini quilt, the quilting is fab, and the label placement is awesome, that's o difficult to do!!

  6. Your mini quilt is lovely and your bag is fab. It must be annoying about those blocks but it happens to all of us :)


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