16 November 2012

a very overdue finish

I've finally finished the March long distance quilting bee block for Joy !

I took it home with me in April and nearly got it finished and I haven't seen it since I came home, even though I knew I packed it - I was really happy when I finally found it again a few weeks ago :)

Joy asked for a gardening block so I decided to do some sunflowers, lavender, and daisies - I've redone the block since I started - I originally had the the frame just in the middle so I'm happy that I've now made it like a window frame - hope Joy likes it as well :)

this week I also made a little pouch - I  haven't made one in a while and I thought it would be handy as I didn't put a pocket in my new bag !

I straight line quilted on one side (I think I love straight line quilting !) and free motioned on the other.

the pouch went together really quickly so I'm thinking they might be on the christmas list as well :)

have a great weekend !


  1. love the gardening blocks, a good reminder that summer will come back! the pouch is fab, and the fabric is scrummy!

  2. I love your sunflowers - better late than never! Your pouch looks lovely too :)


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