13 April 2012

hi from queensland

so here I am in Queensland on holidays for the next seven weeks - I arrived last Saturday and I've had a busy week with mum and dad - I'm here to look after their house while they go on a cruise for five weeks - they left this morning so I'm finally able to get back online and also get some serious sewing done.

I've given my little camera to mum to take on the cruise and so made a cute and simple case for it yesterday.

In mum's sewing room I discovered some little closures that were just perfect as they had red tops - they are really easy to do and mum said I could take them with me so I'll be using them again for sure...not quite sure what they're called but they're kind of like press studs without the need to sew !

I'm catching up with blogs and emails today so tomorrow I can start on some sewing - hope the next five weeks go slowly so I can get heaps done :)

hope you have a great weekend :)


  1. Glad you arrived safely Leanne! You obviously feel at home scouting out round the sewing room - wonder what else you will discover!? Will your mum come back to an empty room? Hehe!

    Payment for house sitting I think! Enjoy your sewing and relax!

  2. I hope your 5 weeks go slowly too. You'll get so much done! I love the pouch. I also love your care do. Good Stitches list on your sidebar. Great idea. Think I'm going to do the same thing on my blog!

  3. Leanne, they are called snaps. You must not do any garment sewing, they are much easier than buttonholes any day.

  4. I love the pouch! Have a great time, I hope you get lots of sewing done!

  5. It's like you're on a sewing retreat! For 5 weeks!! And in warm QLD!! You'll have a great time!!!

  6. You're such a good daughter to sew like that for your mum. The case is adorable. And how nice of you to house-sit. Sounds divine. Just keep your energy high, with chocolates nearby. Then, I'm sure you'll be whipping out projects right and left! Have lots of fun.


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