10 April 2018

Houston - we have a finish !!

Yes, an actual finish in the first finish-along of the year !! so I've just proven that miracles do in fact happen and I'm excited to share with you my sweet little sewing machine cover that I finally made.

After years with just a fat quarter as a cover, my lovely Bernina now has a fancy cover to keep the dust off her and as she is on display all the time it really brightens up the space !

I decided to use some of my favourite fabric scraps to make the cover and its just a simple fold over design - I figured as I (used to) use my machine so much I didn't want to be too elaborate :)

I was going to do straight line quilting on it but decided to use the opportunity for some free motion quilting practice using Angela Walters' paisley feather design and I'm really glad I did - I'm really happy with the finish!

You can see that I did straight line stitching across the middle - I'd already started that before I decided to do FMQ - and I'm happy to say it really helps the cover sit well on the machine.

So there you have it - one finish from my very small first quarter finish-along list !  fingers crossed the other projects on my list might get further along next quarter :)

Linking up just in time to the first quarter finishes of the 2018 Finish-Along !


  1. It looks fabulous! Congratulations on the finish! *waves pompoms*

  2. That looks great! Love the scrappy touch.:)

  3. It is gorgeous! I could never do that, but I sure wish I could! What a great project!


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