19 April 2018

2nd quarter - 2018 finish-along

well after a successful first quarter (hey I got one finish - I'm definitely calling that a success !!) I'm gearing up to see if I can get another finish or two this quarter.

My plan for this year was to start from the oldest FAL that I'd posted all those years ago but I was quickly overwhelmed by how many finishes I have so I though that I'd just pick one or two from that list !!

My first hopeful for this quarter is from that list and is a quilt top I made over a couple of weekends back in late 2011 - the Max and Whiskers Wonky Quilt.

It then went into the quilting pile and I finally decided in 2014 that I'd pebble quilt in the borders around the blocks - well as a beginner quilter that took 3 years - I discovered it was really hard to quilt small pebbles with white thread on white fabric so maybe there are a few rocks in there too *giggles*

I finally finished the quilting in February last year - a year ago !! and I still haven't done the binding or made a label so I can call it finished !!

Hopeful number 2 is the Steam Punk Quilt - I started making these blocks last year and have quite a collection but obviously need a few more - I have fabric picked for at least another ten blocks so that's a start !

Hopeful number 3 is the Foxley Village Quilt - again a fairly recent UFO and really not that much of the top to do to get to the quilting stage.  Mr Fox needs a face though, poor Mr Sparrow needs an eye to see and some legs to perch on, and the flowers need some stems to be able to sway around in the breeze :) can you tell I'm not that keen on hand embroidery anymore !

Hopeful number 4 is the Double Nine Patch Quilt that I made in January this year for a Fat Quarter Shop quilt-along - needs quilting but hasn't seen the light of day since the first quarter !!

Hopeful numbers 5 and 6 are two cushions for my flamingo and unicorn loving twin cousins birthdays in December last year.

They were pieced in January and I have the backs done but of course I'm stuck on the quilting again - I really need to Just Do It !!!!

my list is longer this quarter but I know that I'll have at least two finishes and hopefully a few more can join the finish party in July !!

Linking up to the second quarter of the 2018 Finish-A-Long.

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