11 October 2013

Q3 finish along update

I posted earlier this week about Lucy's Quilt - my one finish in the third quarter finish-a-long however I'm still pretty happy that I've got some near finishes this quarter.

My 3rd quarter list wasn't that big but its the quilting that has let me down again !!

I was hoping to quilt my Mod Pop quilt but after trying to fight my way turning it around in the machine a couple of times using the walking foot I decided that the quilt design I had in my head would only work with free motion quilting!  I had decided to do echo quilting in the "U" shapes and do a spiral in the centre circles - but after having issues with the curves in the U shape I knew I wouldn't be able to do a nice spiral.

I've decided to put it on my list for next year's Year of Free Motion Quliting :)

I also didn't quilt my whirlygig top but it is basted and ready...

I did manage to get one side of my two sided mosaic top done - I'm putting this on my 4th quarter list and hoping for a finish !

from this...

to this...

and after thinking about this quilt for the last few days I'm now thinking I might just make two quilts rather than a double sided quilt !

I also sewed the hexagon quilt together - while I was sewing it together I decided to use a solid at the end of each row and so I got the rows sewn together while I was waiting for the fabric to arrive - I finished sewing the top just before the end of the third quarter - I was going to try to have it finished but it wasn't to be!

from this...

to this...

so with one total finish and two nearly finishes I'm more ahead in my UFO list this quarter than I was in July :)


  1. A lot of great projects. I like the idea of two mosaics - and the look.

  2. Great projects. I especially like your whirligig :)

  3. Looks like you will be practicing FMQing some more, huh? I remember feeling as you do... like I would never get it. But do keep trying. You WILL get better. And I do hope that's a shadow across the last quilt top. Or perhaps a problem with your camera?


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