17 July 2013

the pram cover handover

I finished Lucy's pram cover at the end of January and in early March finally caught up with Lucy and her mum to be able to give it to her !

so of course we had to have a photo of Lucy with the pram cover - I love how she's gripping hold of it !

I also bought a little tropical dress from Vanuatu while I was on the christmas cruise - its just a few sizes too big (lol) but she might fit into it in a few years :)  I think pink might be her colour !

Hopefully it won't take as long to get the quilt to her !


  1. What a perfectly cherubic baby! She looks like a little doll baby. Simply adorable! Oh. And your pram cover is pretty too!

  2. Never work with children ! They steal the show! Lucy is a cutie as is her pram cover!


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