08 July 2013

almost a finish !

its down to the wire for the second quarter finishes of the 2013 finish-a-long over at she can quilt and I'm not going to get the binding finished on Lucy's quilt...oh well, there's always next time !

the results of my second quarter list are ...

Lucy's quilt - just needed to quilt and bind this to finish but I only started the quilting yesterday so I'm pretty happy that its at least quilted and the binding is sewn on - just needs to be hand sewn down which we all knows takes more than a few hours :)  I'm hoping to get it finished this week though.

I promised my mum that I wouldn't show another photo of this quilt until it was finished so here's a quick sneak peak with the quilting done and the binding on ...

as its an hourglass block I straight stitched either side of the seam lines on the diagonals and I've only just realised this afternoon that this is my first "big" quilt that I've machine quilted - I was pretty happy with my set up - the ironing board was a big help

but I'm going to have to find somewhere else to quilt my Mod Pop as Lucy's quilt is only 40 x 50 inches and the Mod Pop is 60 x 60 inches and I want to do a bit more quilting so I think it will be a bit too much for my small sewing area - I think I'll give the dining table a try and see how I go !

speaking of the Mod Pop - no I didn't get it finished but I did get the back sewn together so that's one more step done - I decided to use some of the mistake curved blocks from the front and piece the back - it took quite a while to decide on the design and as I didn't want to make more blocks I went with the flower block - I'm thinking they are retro looking flowers so they should look ok !  (there aren't marks on the fabric - I've got other blocks on the design wall underneath)

and my other projects listed were my twin whirlygig mini wild things - I actually finished the top of one of these which was a pretty good effort since only some of the blocks were cut - I still need to get the other one done though (sigh)

I did have another project listed but I've realised that its not really a UFO - its a block I cut out after seeing some fabric (that's been in my stash for over a year) while I was on the phone a few months ago and it was like I hadn't seen it before and immediately had to make a dresden plate (as in as soon as I got off the phone) !  I'm intending to make a quilt top and have found some other stripe fabric to join these blocks - I'm also going to piece the plates rather than applique them but I've decided to put this project on the backburner until I get my UFOs done so maybe next year or maybe the 4th quarter !

well - that's my unfinished second quarter of the 2013 finish-a-long ... the next quarter has to be better doesn't it ?

there are some amazing finishes over at the linky party so if you need some inspiration you should take a look :)


  1. I love the back of you mod pop, it is going to be the best quilt. And too bad about the almost finish but it can go on your Q3 list and you will have first finish there in no time.

  2. Oh I just managed to finish one!

    We will both do better next time!

    In the meantime - good progress on some lovely projects. Love the whirlygigs in particular!

  3. Bah, i can't read anything after the hoyrglass quilt as its pink on white, but the photos show some fable stuff!

  4. I love the back of your Mod Pop!! Hope you finish Lucy's quilt soon!


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