15 April 2013

hoping for a second quarter finish !

Its almost the deadline for the second quarter of the 2013 Finish-a-long.

I've got an easier list this time with most of the first quarter attempts repeated in the hope of actually getting some finishes done.

First up is Lucy's hourglass quilt - it just needs to be quilted and bound.

Next on the list is the Mod Pop quilt - I'm pretty confident in my quilting design for this one so I just need to get the back made and its ready for quilting - I'm going to piece the back using the mistake blocks from the front although I'm not quite sure how yet !

Then there are the two whirlygig mini wild things quilts from the first quarter that didn't really get a look in although I did finish unpicking all of the blocks :)

and just to add some interest I have listed these blocks that I've made recently that I'd like to do something with - I made one while I was making the mod pop blocks and now I've made a few more - they seem to grow like topsy :)  just wish I had more of the fabric as I'd love to make a quilt with them !

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  1. Love your projects Leanne! Especially love the wagon wheels ! Do make a quilt somehow!

  2. wow such beautiful work Leanne,well done.xx

  3. Your spring will be filled with beautiful work, each of these projects is wonderful.

  4. those wheel blocks are amazing and look great just like they are.

  5. You've had a great quarter! Both your quilts are beautiful and I love your whirly gigs. Good luck with getting them finished :)

  6. I love all your projects!! Your Mod Pop looks awesome in pinks and those whirly wheel blocks are fabulous, they really look as though they are spinning!!


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