06 April 2013

april care at do.good stitches

its my month for the care at do.good stitches quilt – I’m very excited to be a quilter and stitcher this year!

I was having trouble thinking about what block to use as I hadn’t worked out a charity to give the quilt to so when Kristy (our team leader) suggested Angels for the Forgotten I was really happy to see that it’s an Australia-wide charity based in Wagga Wagga which is about an hour’s drive from me.  They do great work helping children in care or living in crisis.

"Angels for the Forgotten is dedicated to giving dignity, hope and joy to our community's most vulnerable who are entering foster care or living in crisis.

Our aim is to put a little bit of Sparkle in to otherwise bleak and traumatic situations, to instill the feeling that "somebody does care" in to the hearts and minds of those who feel alone and isolated in this world and with your help we can all make "real change", "a real impact", and "a real difference".

They ask for blankets and quilts around 70 x 70 cms so I’ve decided to use our 20 blocks to make two quilts – one for a girl and one for a boy and I’m imagining their ages to be 6 – 8 years old.

When I suggested to Kristy that I might do a plus sign quilt for the boy and a star quilt for the girl she gently pointed out that it might be simpler to have one design only :) thanks Kristy!

As I didn’t really want to use a star block for the boy quilt I settled on the plus sign.  I had resigned myself to having to use a 9 patch block for the plus as most of the plus sign blocks I’ve seen are interlocking which doesn’t work for group quilts, then yesterday while visiting the new members of our little care group I saw Rachel’s plus block and knew I wanted to use that one so I emailed her straight away to ask if I could use the block but with bigger dimensions.

Rachel has a fabulous plus block quilt in progress using a low volume background which was inspired by a quilt from Ashley at Film in the Fridge who in turn was inspired by Alexia Marcelle Abegg's Marcelle Medallion quilt, from her book 'Liberty Love'.  The blocks are used in the 7th border of this quilt.

Rachel has very graciously allowed me to use the block and so here it is with the cutting dimensions.
click on the photo to enlarge !
The blocks will finish at 12 ½ inches square which means I can make two 3 x 3 quilts.

I’ve decided to use two fabrics rather than the low volume background – one darker colour for the plus and a lighter shade of the same colour for the background.

its a pretty simple block to put together - sew the two smaller blocks of the top and bottom rows together and then sew the small blocks to the centre strip.

then sew the large squares to each side of the small blocks on the top and bottom rows

then sew all three rows together

The block should come out a smidge bigger than 12 ½ square but don’t worry about squaring up as I might need the little bit of excess :)

Oh and they don’t take too long to make either !  choosing the fabrics took me the longest as you can see by my first choice for the girls block – crickey - those spots were just way too dominant !!
I'm happier with my second fabric choice !

I hope you like my block for april and I look forward to receiving your blocks and making two very cute quilts :)

ps - please email me or post on the flickr group if you have any questions.


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