22 October 2012

weekend swap blocks

I made a tiny dent in my to be done before christmas list over the weekend with some swap blocks finished and ready to be posted tomorrow.

first up is the august design camp 2 block - linda requested improv blocks - either an all linear block or a wonky log cabin block - the fabrics she sent were gorgeous - I thought I was going to do a linear block but when I saw the little bird I changed to a log cabin - which was fun - I used all the fabric in the one block rather than doing two smaller ones.

I also sewed the september design camp 2 blocks for suzy who sent out some gorgeous stripe fabric along with white and grey and asked for square or rectangle blocks - I managed to make three blocks out of the fabrics and I'm happy with how they turned out.

In between I did some hand sewing and appliqued the circle of the craftsy bom dresden wheel block so that is finally finished - I need to do the circle of the dresden plate block as well.

the idea of the star of africa swap is to make a block representing your country - for the July block May asked for something in pink and as I was born in Tasmania which is also known as the Apple Isle I thought I'd do an apple applique - for those who don't know Tasmania is a small island at the bottom of mainland Australia and its shaped kind of like a heart or this apple :)  I've embroidered "Tasmania" on one side and "the apple isle" on the other but as I've used pink thread it hasn't shown up too well in the photo.

I was also going to do some extra embroidery on Patti's June block so I could send it off too but I seem to have misplaced her block at the moment - on saturday I found a swap block that I haven't seen since I got back from leave four months ago and now I've lost another one - very annoying - I know I've just put it somewhere for safe keeping but I hope I can find it a bit quicker than the other one !

and lastly I've trimmed the hourglass blocks for baby Lucy's quilt and its on the design wall - hopefully I'll be able to get a layout and sew it together soon as it uses the whole area !

that's a few blocks that I can cross off my to-do list - hope you had a productive weekend too :)


  1. Love all your blocks Leanne! Love your improv!

  2. Your blocks are wonderful. I also love that baby quilt!

  3. Gorgeous blocks! I hope the missing one turns up soon!

  4. Isn't it annoying when stuff gets lost. I lost a gadget, then I lost a block and found the gadget, then I lost a half made pair of trousers, but found the block, I guess I'll find the trousers when I lose something else!!

  5. I can´t write, am still laughing at Benta's comment LOL! But that's the thing, you allways find something when you're looking for another thing ;-), my daughter read this, turned her eyes around my sewing room and said: "I can imagine their rooms...:o)

  6. You've been so busy making lots of wonderful things!!! I love all your blocks, especialy the ones with the stripey fabrics


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