09 July 2012

fabric and purse frames

my lillybelle fabric win from Katy at I'm a ginger monkey arrived today - its so luscious - can't wait to get some more of the lillybelle in my fqs blogger's choice bundle at the end of July - then I can finally make a start on the hexy mf quilt-along!  notice the little cutie that I'll be fussy cutting and Katy's little moo card :)

I also received some fabrics from Venezie Fabrics - they had a closing down sale with 50% off everything - so quite a bargain that just couldn't be missed !

My purse frames finally arrived today too - I was starting to get just a little worried - I've only got two weeks to get my purse done for the in the frame purse swap - eeekkk - and with moving house this weekend I'll be really pushing to make the deadline !

I've started packing and already have my new sewing room planned out so hope I can get into sewing soon after I arrive - well, that's the plan anyway.

I'm moving into town after living on a farm for the past three years - I'm going to miss the peace and quiet and the sweet birds and kangaroos (I think pippi will really miss the kangaroos) but I'm excited to be moving to a really nice house with all the mod cons !

thought I'd post a photo I took last week of the full moon still high in the sky at 7am !

I did some last minute sewing on the weekend as its my day on the red, white, and blue blog hop on 14 July - yes, smack bang in the middle of moving - but I've got my blocks done and I'll probably cheat just a little bit and do my post earlier !

so hope you can drop in again on Bastille Day :)


  1. What a lovely assortment of fabric! Beautiful picture of the moon.It's amazing to me that you see kangaroos. I don't think I've ever seen a real one!

  2. Great fabrics. Yes, the moon was spectacular lasst night!

  3. Hope you won't miss the country life... I'd love to move to a more quiet place than my city. With plenty of room to harvest my own veggies.

  4. Yummy fabrics Leanne! The purse doesn't take that long to make once you get started so don't panic!

  5. Beautiful moon and fabric. Good luck with your move.
    thanks so much for stopping by my blog during the RWB block hop. Look forward to seeing what you have made.

  6. Oh, what gorgeous fabrics! You'll be whipping up some beauties with this lot. Wow.

    Your photo of the full moon has the most beautiful colours. Like a postcard!

  7. Wow! You're moving?! You hadn't mentioned it, unless I missed it. But you're leaving the 'roos? That's sad. But the new place must be worth it. Would love to see pictures and how you do your sewing room. I'm in the muddle - err, middle - of that myself right now. It isn't easy to figure out, especially when one (me!) doesn't have ANY cabinets or shelves in/on which to put things! I'm starting with zero and seem to be stuck on zero! My best for an easy move.

  8. The fabrics are lovely, and the one for fussy cutting for hexies is a brilliant idea

  9. Gorgeous fabrics! Good luck with the move xx


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