25 July 2012

bee blocks

this is my first post from my new house in town - after nearly 5 days of moving and cleaning I'm in and nearly sorted - well the sewing room is pretty organised and that's the main thing !

after the moving I then got a pretty bad flu that put me on hold for most of last week - I only just started feeling better last Sunday so things have been a bit slow in the sewing department.

this week I finally put a label on the mini quilt I made and finished back in June for the care @ do.good stitches swap so I've mailed that - my secret partner is in Australia so hopefully she will receive it very soon !  I found the fusible web that I knew I had somewhere but I suppose it took the move to find it!

also this week I made the July blocks for the care @ do.good stitches group - Karen asked for gemstone blocks from a tutorial by rachel at stitched in colour - in aqua and red - I think they'll look fabulous together in a quilt.

and last Friday I finally received the wonky stars - the last of our wonky blocks swap - I received a special little block from Nicky - the orange and blue one (top left) and some other nice little stars - they're so colourful together !

now just have to think about putting all of those wonkies together into a quilt.

this weekend I'll be in the sewing room catching up on some projects due by the end of July so I'll be back with a few finishes on Sunday.


  1. Hi Leanne! It's good to see you blogging again. Believe me, I know how difficult it is to move and try to get settled - we're still doing it! But your challenge was compounded by being sick. I'm so sorry for you! The timing for that was terrible, though I suspect you've been sick because of moving - pushing yourself. Do take care. I know that's easy for me to say when you've got a million and one things you want to do. I hope you love your new place. Blessings.

  2. Happy new home! I'm sorry you've been poorly - I hope you're fully recovered soon. Love the bee blocks and all the wonkies!!

  3. Glad to hear the sewing room s sorted, the rest of the house will come together eventually!!! The wonky blocks are look fab, they will make a great block


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