06 August 2016

repeat QAL - finished top

Its time to link up my finished top in the Repeat QAL being hosted by Patty over at Elm Street Quilts.

I finished the last of my letters a few weeks ago and then someone said squirrel and that was it !!

So here are my final letters s, r, l, and t

and then I made the star block - I love this fabric - its Blueberry Park by Karen Lewis for Robert Kaufman - its the fabric I started with and its why I made all of the letters in pink !

the next day I had sewn all of the letters and star together - its so fabulous !

and then this week I finally put the borders on !  I was taking photos of the finished top to do this blog post and discovered that the word quilt was quite uneven !! it was a bit like my handwriting and curved up at the end - hah !

I thought that it might not look so bad when it was all quilted but of course the more I thought about it I knew I'd need to fix it so I unpicked the l and t blocks and remade them and sewed them back in.  I'm really pleased I fixed it and it didn't take very long - my unpicker and I have a very special relationship !!

so with that issue solved I've finally got a quilt top to link up !! I really should have had it quilted but the quilting always stumps me - I'm thinking I might do pebbles around the letters as I really want them to stand out and then I might do straight lines - I'll think about it a bit longer but I've given myself until the end of August to get it done !

so without further ado - my finished quilt top !

If you want to check out all of the Repeat quilts - visit the linky over at Elm Street Quilts.

 Elm Street Quilts Repeat QAL

02 August 2016

Building Blocks Tuesday at daisy and jack handmade !

Hi there and welcome to this week's Building Blocks Tuesday.

Quilter in the Closet

I'm guest blogging for Jen at Quilter in the Closet while she enjoys a summer break.  Its been fun visting the guest bloggers over the summer and I'm the last on the list !! Jen will be back next week - sure hope she's had a wonderful summer :)

This year its been all about blocks for me - I've joined in quite a few quilt alongs and I'm also in a flickr bee doing blocks for others.  I'm also using some of my long hoarded fabric stashes which makes me happy !

The Bubbles Bee is making blocks based on Aylin's Bubbles quilt.  Its a log cabin block that makes circles which is just so fabulous !

The bee started in June and runs until March next year and I've made two blocks so far.

This amazing plum and mustard block for Aylin

and this grey and low volume block for Sue which I just finished on the weekend !

I've also been making blocks for the Project 48 quilt - this is a 48 block quilt along with one block being published each Friday.  Their tag line is One year | Two quilters | Twenty-four quilty friends | Forty-eight blocks and is organised by Crystal and Linden who both live in Canberra, Australia, which is not that far from me.

I'm using my Lizzy House stash for these blocks - here are the blocks I've made so far - I'm hoping to catch up a bit more this month.

I just had to join in with Amy Gibson and her 2016 Sugar Block Club BOM - I'm using my Denyse Schmidt stash for these blocks and I'm almost keeping up !!

I also joined in the awesome which is the Splendid Sampler quilt along being run by Pat Sloan and Jane (Quilt Jane) Davidson - it seems that everyone is making blocks in this 100 block marathon - I'm very behind but I don't mind - I'll get them all done eventually :)

and because I'm one of those crazy quilters, I'm joining yet another quilt along which starts in mid August - #100days100blocks - its being hosted over on instagram by Angie GnomeAngel and friends and is based on Tula Pink's City Sampler 100 modern quilt blocks book - as I have a stash of Tula fabrics I thought I'd join in and get them into a quilt instead of on my sewing studio shelves !!

As you can see I'll have quite a few blocks to link up with Building Block Tuesday for the rest of the year !!

Thanks so much for joining me for this week's Building Blocks Tuesday - so what blocks have you been working on this week?  I would love to see.  Link up your fabulous blocks.  You put a lot of hard work into them so show them off!

06 July 2016

more Repeat QAL blocks

We're getting to the end of the letters for the Repeat quilt-along being hosted by Patty over at Elm Street Quilts.
Elm Street Quilts

Last weekend it was the letters Q and P.

I even used some of my newly acquired pink Liberty fabrics along with some of my favourite pink scraps.

Just had to check out the letters so far all together - I think this will be such a fun little quilt !

I am looking forward to doing the rest of the letters this weekend or even this week if I can sneak in some sewing time - I already have the fabrics picked and cut to size !

It not too late to join in - all the information is available over at Elm Street Quilts.

30 June 2016

Repeat QAL

I was catching up on some blog reading a couple of weeks ago and came across the Repeat quilt-along being hosted by Patty over at Elm Street Quilts.

Elm Street Quilts

Patty has made a fun quilt with the words Quilt - Eat - Sleep - Repeat and I just had to make it - while I can't live by the words I can certainly dream by them !!

Its a paper pieced quilt and Patty has included a tutorial which makes it perfect for even beginner paper piecers !

After a lot of thought about what colours to use I decided to go with scrappy pink letters with a white background - I do have quite a few pinks in my stash and I probably won't have to repeat any fabric choices!!

I started last week with the letter e

Then made the a, i, and u letters- I finished those on the weekend.

This week's letters are p and q and I have my fabrics cut ready to sew this weekend.

If you want to join in its not too late - check out all the information over at Elm Street Quilts or just click on the button below !
Elm Street Quilts

21 February 2016

100 day challenge check-in

I missed the 30 day check-in for the 100 day challenge that Jen (Quilter in the Closet) did but I do have some progress on my Minnie quilt - its started !!

minnie mouse pixelated

I thought I'd have to order some fabrics for these little quilts but after going through my solids I seem to have enough for both - as the quilts aren't that big and I'm only using 1 inch squares I don't need that much !

minnie mouse pixelated

I've divided up the quilt into 9 blocks and I've made the first block !  I'm using this bigger picture of Minnie to mark my blocks as I do them to keep me sane !!

Minnie Mouse graph

I couldn't remember how I finished my other little pixel quilts but after pressing the seams to the side on this first block I'm definitely going to press the seams open for the rest - I'm trying to resist the urge to re-do the first block !

Minnie Mouse pixelated

I don't have any progress on my other challenges but hope to have both of my pixel quilts done in time for our local show on 19 March !!

100 day quilt challenge

29 January 2016

work in progress on a Friday !

Tuesday was the Australia Day public holiday and I also had the Wednesday off work so took the opportunity to do some catch-up sewing.

I made the last scrappy nine patch blocks so I managed 56 blocks in 56 days ...

photo of four scrappy nine patch blocks

photo of four scrappy nine patch blocks

photo of four scrappy nine patch blocks

when I decide what sashing to use I'll sew the top together - I don't want to use white sashing in this quilt - I'm thinking charcoal but I'll probably end up using a silvery grey!

I've also finished one of the pillow tops I'm making for mum and dad - hope to get it quilted this weekend.  I'm using 6" jacks on six blocks for this little pillow - love the secondary star pattern - mum and dad picked out the fabrics when they visited last November.

photo of a pillow top using jacks on six quilt block

and I finally sewed together the Pack Patch Mini Quilt Along blocks into a top - it was a Flickr quilt-along hosted by Chase of Quarter Inch Mark and I finished the little blocks almost a year ago !!

photo of a pack patch mini quilt along quilt top

I'm going to hand quilt this one so it will be a while before its finished.

I also came across a mini charm pack of Bonnie and Camille's Happy Go Lucky so on the spur of the moment decided to make Moda's Love Quilt - its only a 12 1/2" block so I'll probably add some borders and make it into a pillow.

photo of a moda love mini charm quilt made in Bonnie and Camille Happy Go Lucky

have a great weekend !

20 January 2016

WIP Wednesday - the Sugar Block Club 3.0 edition

Amy at Stitchery Dickory Dock is hosting another Sugar Block Club BOM this year which I've joined.

January's block is the Churn Dash - love the changes Amy has made and the fabrics she has used - that purple ♥

I'm making my blocks from my hoarded Denyse Schmidt fabrics - better to have them in a quilt being used that being stored in a plastic box !!

I made the January block earlier this week - love these fabrics too !

All the information for Amy's free BOM is available here !

Linking up to Lee at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday

13 January 2016

WIP Wednesday - the scrappy 9 patch edition

I've got quite a few scrap quilts on my horizon but one I've recently started is the scrappy 9 patch block by Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts - Amanda has all the details of this quilt along that she did back in 2009 on her blog !

Amanda Jean decided to do a patch a day quilt and I've been keeping up with block numbers but I've mainly been cutting out the blocks every day and then sewing them together all at once on the weekend. It seems to work best for me that way.

These are my blocks so far - I've really enjoyed going through the scrap bins to find these fabrics !

and this is today's block #44

pretty happy that I finally cut up the blocks for Random Reflections a few weeks ago as it means I have some pretty fabrics from the Bonnie and Camille Ruby collection to add to my scrap quilt !

Have a wonderful week !

Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday

12 January 2016

100 day challenge

well I did say I wasn't going to join in the Finish Along this year but I've just found another challenge called the 100 day challenge being hosted by Jen over at Quilter in the Closet.


The idea is to pick three projects that you want to get done in 100 days from the beginning of January - I really want to get some quilts done for this year's Annual Show which is held in mid March - so I think this challenge might be perfect !!

My project picks are:
  • Mickey and Minnie pixel quilts (on my new project list)
I really want to do a pixilated mini quilt of both Mickey and Minnie - just need to organise the fabrics and I'll be ready to go ! I made the patterns using the V & A patchwork pattern maker available on the Victoria and Albert website. Excuse the terrible photo of paper !!

  • My Small World quilt - to be hand quilted (on my tops to be quilted list)
I'm going to do some posts about how this gorgeous little quilt came to be - I did post initially when I was about to start but have done all the sharing over on IG - I'd like to have this quilted and finished so that I can enter it into our local Show and also in the first Blogger's Quilt Festival this year in
May !

  • a made and finished present for my mum's mothers day this year !! (on my new projects list)
I've planned something from this book - its a secret !!

so do you want to join in too ?? just visit Jen at Quilter in the Closet and link up - its open for three more days !! The 100 Day Challenge Quilt/Craft Edition challenges you to complete 3 specific crafty goals in just 100 days. There will be check ins along the way before the big finale on April 15th, 2016 !