25 March 2015

and the winner is ...

its time for the drawing of The Betsy Travel Bag winner - yippee !! and I thought I'd share a couple more photos I couldn't fit in my original post !

thanks so much to everyone for leaving a comment with your fabric choices - there are so many fantastic fabrics out there it would be hard to go wrong :)

I hope you've been following along on The Betsy Travel Bag Blog Tour - there are some gorgeous bags being shown !  I've re-posted the details in case you want to check them out.

The  Betsy  Travel  Bag  Blog  Hop  Schedule  

March  17
pattern available for pre-­sale  through  RCM  shop

Blog  Hop  Day  1  posts

March  19
Blog  Hop  Day  2  posts
that's me !!

March  21
Blog  Hop  Day  3  posts

March  23
Blog  Hop  Day  4  posts
Don't Call Me Betsy

 March  25
Blog  Hop  Day  5  posts

March  27
Blog  Hop  Day  6  post

March  29
Blog  Hop  Day  7  post

March  31
Blog  Hop  Day  8  post
(photo  roundup)

So onto the winner winner chicken dinner !

Mr RNG picked number 3 who is Twins Squared !!!!  Congratulations, I've sent you off an email !

I look forward to everyone joining in the sew-along which starts next week and I can't wait to see all the awesome bags from that !!

happy sewing

19 March 2015

The Betsy Travel Bag blog tour

woohoo – its time for The Betsy Travel Bag blog tour so I can reveal my awesome Betsy bag !!!
The Betsy Bag

If you follow me on instagram you'll know that I've been pattern testing The Betsy Bag, designed by the gorgeous Kristi of Schnitzel and Boo, and its been such a fun learning experience !

free motion quilting The Betsy Bag

the hardest part was choosing the fabrics - I think I changed my mind a few times but when I saw a Melody Miller Ruby Shining Star panel for sale I snapped it up !! its a bit firmer than other quilting fabrics and is perfect for this bag !  It has some spots of hot pink and aqua so I added some hot pink spots, lime green flowers, Luna solid, and charcoal Sketch - its one bright bag that will be very easy to spot while travelling !!
The Betsy Bag

I followed the pattern exactly which was pretty easy to follow except I didn't read closely that all seams are 1/2" !! being a quilter I always think in quarter inches - once I got on board with that it went smoothly!
free motion quilting The Betsy Bag

I also did some silly things like sewing the separating zipper in upside down - that was fun to reverse sew (not!) but really the pattern is laid out well and even though I wasn't sure I understood about the strap, it came together perfectly !!

The Betsy Bag

I was really excited to use so many new to me techniques and all that hardware - I'm feeling pretty confident that I can make any kind of bag now - thanks so much Kristi for showing me how :)

The Betsy Bag

The pattern is rated for a confident beginner/intermediate sewer and I'd rate myself as the beginner - the only hardware I've used is a magnetic snap, I've never used a separating zipper which are sooo easy, and I've never used D rings or anything else that is in this fabulous bag !

The Betsy Bag

I had fun with the panel quilting - free motion loopy flowers (thanks Christina) on one side and hearts on the other - for the two ends I did straight stitching.

free motion quilting The Betsy Bag

I love the huge pocket on the inside too ! The  finished  bag measures  approximately  20"  wide  x 12.5" high  x  6.5" wide.

The Betsy Bag
As I said, I really had fun making the Betsy bag - its so great to learn new things and also end up with a fabulous bag!

make sure you check out all the other amazing Betsy bags on the rest of the tour - schedule below.

The digital Betsy Bag pattern is available for pre-order now from the Rebel Craft Media shop and will be launched on 1 April - the girls at Rebel Craft will also be hosting a sew along on their blog starting on 2 April - so if you want to make a fabulous bag to take with you when you travel then now is the time to join in :)

You can also get a kit with all the bag hardware from the Snuggly Monkey shop !

If you're in Australia you can get all the hardware you need for this bag from Handbag Hardware Oz - Kylie has great prices and wonderful service.

If you want to make a Betsy Travel bag and join in the sew along too, I have a copy of the pattern to give away - yay!! 

just leave me a comment telling me what fabrics you would use to make the bag and I'll have Mr RNG pick a name next Wednesday 25 March (8pm Australian EST) - should give you enough time to gather your supplies :)  make sure you leave an email if you don't have one linked to your profile !!

The  Betsy  Travel  Bag  Blog  Hop  Schedule  

March  17
pattern available for pre-­sale  through  RCM  shop

Blog  Hop  Day  1  posts

March  19
Blog  Hop  Day  2  posts
that's me !!

March  21
Blog  Hop  Day  3  posts

March  23
Blog  Hop  Day  4  posts
Don't Call Me Betsy

 March  25
Blog  Hop  Day  5  posts

March  27
Blog  Hop  Day  6  post

March  29
Blog  Hop  Day  7  post

March  31
Blog  Hop  Day  8  post
(photo  roundup)

05 March 2015

WIP Wednesday

I'm finally doing a Wednesday work in progress post, even though its Thursday in Australia  !!

When I was struggling to do posts for my poor neglected blog last year I always thought I could just do a WIP post and link up to Freshly Pieced but I have never managed to do one ... until today  !!

I have so many works in progress right now so maybe its just the right time :)

These are the projects I've been working on this week.

First up is The Starburst Quilt that I'm pattern testing for Jess at Elven Garden Quilts

The Starburst Quilt pink and green

its just fabulous - the blocks are huge, finishing at 32 inches...I'm doing four blocks to make a lap quilt.

The Starburst Quilt plum and yellow

they're really fun and surprisingly quick to put together.  I can't wait to see this top put together - yes, I'm not even considering the quilting yet - have you seen my 2015 wish list !!!

another WIP is my Hazel pillow - I joined in Angie's Hazel QAL a few weeks ago but as I had other commitments didn't get it finished in time to link-up !

Hazel Hedgehog

I also had a drama with a dirty iron - gggrrrr ! not quite sure what happened but my iron had marks on it when I pressed the glasses (I suspect its maybe glue from interfacing !) so those marks transferred to Hazel - I sprayed and soaked immediately but it didn't have any effect - so she is getting a bow after she has been quilted.

Hazel Hedgehog glasses

I'm also going to use pompoms around the edge of this pillow for an extra bit of fun - fingers crossed that I can find lime green pompoms !!

I also spent most of the last week working on The Betsy Travel Bag.

free motion quilting The Betsy Bag

I'm pattern testing this gorgeous bag for Kristi of Schnitzel and Boo and Rebel Media !

The Betsy Bag

The pattern will be published soon so I'll be able to show the finished bag then and I'll also be having a pattern giveaway to celebrate.  Kristi has plans for a Betsy Travel Bag QAL over on instagram which starts on 1 April.  I'll have more details soon.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

22 February 2015

A Dear Jane day

today is the day I started my Dear Jane journey !

while I was supposed to be sewing something else I suddenly got to urge to start my Dear Jane quilt.

I've created a separate page with info about my Dear Jane and a virtual design wall to keep my blocks in order but thought that I'd do a post for the blocks as I go as well.

Today I picked out four of the easier blocks - A-6, B-13, E-10, and M-10

Dear Jane block A-6
A-6 Uncle Homer
B-13 Four Corner Press

Dear Jane Five and Dime E-10
E-10 Five and Dime

Dear Jane Simple Simon M-10
M-10 Simple Simon
I still need to applique the melons onto the E-10 block but hopefully I'll get that done tonight !!

If you're new to Dear Jane, please check out Brenda Papadakis' Dear Jane website.

12 January 2015

starting again !

Yep - its time to list the first quarter for the 2015 Finish-Along - this year being hosted by the lovely Adrianne at On The Windy Side.

With a little better achievement last year than the year before it still took me quite a while to decide what to list for this first new year quarter !  I really don't like the idea of putting those well worn items from the past few years on again but they're still UFOs and they need to be finished but hopefully by adding a few new items I can mix it up !!

First up I'll put my two care quilts from last year on the list ...

Quilt 1 - Nested Churn Dash

Nested Churn Dash scrappy quilt

this year my queen bee months for the Care Quilts are May and July so if I get these two done in the first quarter it will give me a clean slate !

Quilt 2 - Scrappy Star - still need to organise a backing for this one !

scrappy simple star quilt

I'm also going to include one of my favourites from last year ...

Quilt 3 - The Single Girl

single girl quilt

as well as one that didn't even see the light of day !

Quilt 4 - The Polka Dot Dresden

polka dot dresden quilt

I'll also include two that I'm currently working on ...

Quilt 5 - the Aviatrix Medallion quilt

aviatrix medallion quilt

and Quilt 6 - my Plus Comma quilt

Plus quilt in Comma by Zen Fabrics

Lastly I'll include another from my 2014 last quarter list as it only needs quilting although I do need to order the binding.

Quilt 7 - Postcard from Sweden quilt

Postcard from Sweden a half square triangle quilt

So again, fingers crossed that I can get these done - normally I'd say that I hope to get a few done but this year is my year for finishes so I'm getting them all done !

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

06 January 2015

think pink - its a finish !

well here we are at the pointy end of the 2014 finish along and I'm excited that I've got a finish to share - yay !!!

Well, there's not that much to celebrate considering my list was pretty small but a finish is a finish and I'm taking what I can !!

In my list for the last quarter I had included three Care at Do.Good Stitches quilts and I'm happy to say that one is finally done !!

"think pink" is one of my favourite quilts - its made up of pink scrap blocks by members of the fabulous Care circle - I really loved quilting it and getting to look close up at all the gorgeous fabrics in each block!

I quilted it by echo quilting the stars in each block and It is now machine bound and ready to be given to its recipient - a local cancer sufferer.

While taking photos of the finished quilt down at our creek, Pippi decided to run straight across the middle of it with her wet muddy paws - thankfully the marks came out in the wash !!  but it meant that instead of getting a heap of great shots I had to race back home to wash it straight away !

Quilt Stats
"think pink"
size: 44" x 53"
pattern: spiderweb block from a tutorial by Marit at Quilt It
top fabric: various pink scraps of the bee members
backing fabric: pink and white Paisley Floral
binding fabric: Kona bubblegum pink
batting: Warm and White cotton 
quilting: echo quilting in the star spaces of each block
thread: Aurifil Bubblegum varigated #3660

linking up to the final finish-along party over at The Littlest Thimble - thanks for being a wonderful host in 2014 Katy !
Finish Along 2014

28 December 2014

its a summer bag !

so I'm supposed to be cleaning and decluttering my house over the Christmas break but I've sewn a summer bag instead !!

I was looking for some fabric a couple of days ago and happened upon some other fabric that I'd put aside to make a bag - when I think about it this bag has been on my to do list for quite a while - so I decided then and there to make it !

its a pretty quick bag to put together and I've made one before so it was finished in a couple of afternoons !

I changed it up this time - I used batting and free motion quilted a cross hatch on both front and back of the bag - it was so quick and easy - although I did mark the lines first.

I also had a zip in the bundle and now I remember I was going to try and do an insert pocket but in my rush to get it done I clean forgot so it has a sew on pocket instead !

If you've visited me before you will know just how much I love my Bernina and I was especially grateful that it comes with an edge stitch foot that makes top stitching such a breeze and gives such a professional finish ! woo hoo !!

the pattern is The Phoebe Bag by Rebeka Lambert from Artsy Crafty Babe and is available here.

so now that I've sewn something this week its back to the cleaning and decluttering !

linking up to finish it up Friday over at Crazy Mom Quilts.

25 December 2014

have a merry christmas !

I'm doing some cleaning and decluttering over this christmas break but hopefully I'll get in a couple of days sewing !!

I thought I'd share my favourite christmas song with you - I love the song Let It Snow but everytime I hear it I immediately think of the Bruce Willis movie - Die Hard !!  so instead of sharing that version I found Frank Sinatra's version - enjoy :)

have a wonderful christmas and new year !!

02 December 2014

aussie aviatrix quilt-along: border 5

almost the end of the Aviatrix quilt-along ! are you up to date ? I’m so looking forward to putting my quilt together over the Christmas break!
I’m going to share a few tips about sewing Border 5 – it’s the log cabin blocks and they are so fabulous!

I shared my progress up to border 4 last week – and I still haven’t finished the border 3 and 4 blocks but I have finished all of the border 5 blocks!

Linden of Vine Lines Quilting, the host of the quilt-along, is doing interviews on her blog with all of the girls doing the blog hop !! if you want to see the first "big" quilt I made, my sewing space, or a photo of pippi in the snow then head over and have a read ! 

I was so thankful that I cut all of the blocks out at the beginning of this quilt-along – its been so easy to sew each of the borders and its especially wonderful for this border as its made up of strips.

I spent a morning putting all the pieces together for each of the blocks and then I sewed them together – after doing the first couple of A blocks I decided to chain piece by block number as each block is a different colour and it was very quick.

I have a couple of tips for making this block:
  • make all of the A blocks then all of the B blocks as the pieces sewn off the centre are joined in different ways and this stops any confusion and unpicking – ask me how I know !! 
  • always double check that the block is sitting the right way up before adding your next piece !
  • press as you go and make sure you press – not iron - as they are small pieces of fabric and you don’t want to stretch them
  • measure each of the blocks and trim if necessary before sewing them together into the border – this ensures that your blocks fit together !

I hope you have fun making these blocks ! Next week Jenn who blogs over at PennyPoppleton will have tips on the final border – the fabulous butterflies !

The Aussie Aviatrix quilt-along is being hosted by Linden at Vine Lines Quilting. We're using Elizabeth Hartman's Aviatrix pattern.

If you’re on IG hastag #aussieaviatrixqal to see other blocks and quilts being made.

25 November 2014

aussie aviatrix quilt along

Earlier this year on instagram there was some talk of doing Elizabeth Hartman's Aviatrix Medallion quilt.  I'd bought the pattern but hadn't yet tackled it and then a few months ago Linden from Vine Lines Quilting decided to start a quilt-a-long and asked me to join in - it was the perfect opportunity to make this wonderful quilt with a heap of other Aussie girls !

The quilt-a-long started in mid-September and as is usual with me I started a bit late - originally I was going to purchase Kona solids to make my quilt in Elizabeth's colours but in the end decided to shop my stash and I'm so glad I did !  I grouped my colours like Elizabeth's choices in green, orange, blue, and violet ( well mine are more pink !)

I started by cutting out all the pieces - this is a very piece heavy quilt and there is a lot of cutting - I think it took me most of the weekend to do the cutting.

Then a few weeks ago I finally got to courage to start the medallion centre - sewing the pieces into quarters then a week or so later I finished it !

the medallion was fun to put together although it was slow sewing - with stories from the others about blocks not lining up I was making sure all my templates matched - sewing the four quarters together was a challenge and its still not perfect but I'm calling it done !

the first border was a breeze with my favourite half square triangles using the neutral colours and I really love how it looks.

the second border was just as fun - of course having all of the blocks cut previously is an inspired idea as you can just put fabrics together and sew - it took me most of the day to get to this stage though!

I've made a start on the third border by marking the 160 tiny squares on the diagonal - I used to think doing sew and flip was fun but after doing so many in the Quilty Fun sew-a-long and now these, my love has turned luke-warm !

I've also made the strips for the fourth border which looks like another fun border.

While I haven't quite finished the 3rd and 4th borders I have almost finished the 5th border - here's a sneak peak !

If you're on instagram hash tag #aussieaviatrixqal to see all the wonderful quilts being made - they look so amazing in all of the different fabrics !

My day is next Monday 1 December  Tuesday 2 December - I'll be showing my finished border 5 blocks and sharing some tips!