16 January 2018

first quarter - 2018 finish-a-long

its a new year which means the start of another finish-a-long !! and as in previous years, I have another long list of hopeful finishes !!

2018 Finish-A-Long information

well actually my list for this first quarter is quite small - 4 projects to be exact.  I have one deadline and the rest is sewing just for me :)

#1 - Steam Punk Quilt
I'd love to make progress on my Steam Punk quilt this year - I've made a few blocks since my first block in April last year but I still have quite a few to go.

#2 - Foxley Village
I was hoping to get the last few Foxley Village blocks finished last year but with the move it hasn't seen the light of day since then !

#3 - Nine Patch quilt
I've given myself a deadline of the end of January to have this nine patch top quilted - hopefully it will be bound by then too.

#4 - Sewing machine cover
and the last item on my list for this quarter is the sewing machine cover that's been on my to do list since I got my new Bernina 4 years ago !!  I've managed to sew together a scrappy cover which of course just needs to be finished :)

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05 January 2018

Double 9 Patch Quilt Along

Its time to show you my version of the Fat Quarter Shop's Double 9 Patch Quilt - its one of their new patterns in the Classic & Vintage series.

I decided to use a Prima Homespun in Sorbet Pink for the background as I had enough yardage already in my stash and I have a lovely little stash of grey fabrics too so I decided to use those with the pink.  My sister had a pink and grey theme for her wedding so I knew they would look good together.

Its a very quick and easy quilt to make - in fact I made most of the quilt in one weekend !

The blocks are made with strips and once all the strips are sewn and cut, putting them together into blocks is a breeze and along with nice big plain squares, its fast to finish - which is just as well as I was in the middle of packing my house to move interstate when I decided I needed a break and spent a couple of days sewing the blocks !

Now I just need to quilt it !! I'm excited to make some progress in free motion quilting this year and I've been playing around with a couple of designs - this one I thought I could make some freezer paper templates of a flower to trace around as well as mirror the squares in the plain blocks.

I could also try Angela Walter's meandering flower design as a single flower in each small square and way bigger in the large squares.

I'm also keen to start using my new ruler foot and rulers so I'll keep playing around and do some samples but I'd really love this quilt to be my first finish for the year so I'm planning on having it done by the end of January !

You can check out the other pretty versions of the blocks and quilts at Fat Quarter Shop's blog Jolly Jabber. I especially love the colourful little squares versions - they look like sparkly stars.

If you’re ready to sew along, grab your supplies, download the FREE block pattern and watch Kimberly’s video tutorial for a step-by-step guide on making your block!  Meanwhile, I'll be back to show you the finished quilt in a few weeks :)

02 January 2018

December Quilty365 blocks

Happy New Year !!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year - I loved having my first Tassie Christmas in quite a few years :)

I've been seeing a lot of round up for 2017 and planning for 2018 posts around the internet and while I haven't thought about doing those posts yet, I am happy that I'm only two days late in posting the final linky in this year's Quilty 365 !!

I've thoroughly enjoyed hosting this linky through 2017 - although we didn't have too many starters its been fun having LJ and Jann consistently linking up with me - thanks lovelies :)

I was hoping to take the photos of the blocks at the beach or maybe just outside but whenever I think about taking photos it seems to be windy or overcast or both !!

I just put my design wall up this week (after two months) which must mean its time for some sewing around here :)

so onto the December blocks...

a mixture of bright happy summer blocks with the always included animal menagerie !!

this Art Gallery Fabric by Jenni Baker is one of my all time favourite fabrics - its just the perfect shade of happy yellow and those little flowers are adorable - just right for the first day of summer !!

some more "celebrate summer" blocks - if I was five years old again this sweet little summer dress would be my favourite :)

this sweet apple fabric is to celebrate my Dad's birthday on 23 December - he was born in Tasmania too so the apple theme is perfect :)

It was very hard only choosing 3 christmas fabrics - I have quite a few cute christmas fabrics - mostly from Cotton and Steel who are fast becoming my favourite fabric company !

of course there is the usual animal collection - I'm actually amazed at how much animal fabric I own !!

and these two blocks I thought were perfect for the year end - fireworks and bubbles from the champagne :)

so that's it - all the blocks chosen for each day of 2017 - I've enjoyed picking out every fabric and now I just have to sew them all - I'm hoping to have this top together by the middle of this year - I still need to decide if I want to lay them out in the months they were picked or just muddle them up and sew them together where they land - aaaah decisions, decisions !!

Thanks for following along (and linking up) on this year long journey with me and a special thanks to Audrey of Quilty Folk for letting me take over this fun project in 2017 :)

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07 December 2017

November Quilty 365

oh my - its the second last month of our Quilty 365 blocks - of course I'm late in posting but we'll overlook that, shall we !!

I was pretty busy in November as I moved from Tumbarumba in New South Wales to Tasmania but I still managed to pick out the fabrics for my daily blocks.

november quilty365 blocks

november quilty365 blocks

november quilty365 blocks

This special little heart block is for my mum whose birthday was on 1 November

november quilty365 blocks

and I chose this apple fabric as it was perfect to celebrate my arrival in Tassie :)

november quilty365 blocks

I also have quite a few Cotton and Steel fabrics this month as I'm making Jen Kingwell's Steam Punk quilt with them.

november quilty365 blocks

as well as some Tula Pink prints

november quilty365 blocks

and of course what would the month be without flowers !

november quilty365 blocks

well, next month is the last month in our 2017 #quilty365 sew along and I promise I'll be on time :)


06 November 2017

see ya Tumba - hello Tassie !

well its official - I'm finally going back home !

after years on the mainland and the past 16 and a half years in the little country town of Tumbarumba in New South Wales I'm heading back to Hobart, Tasmania, and I'm so excited !

I'll miss Tumbarumba and the friends I've made here, but with the announcement of the merger of the Tumbarumba and Tumut Councils last year I knew I needed to make my dream of going back to Hobart a reality.  From my point of view, the NSW Government got it so wrong with the council mergers and its been a pretty exhausting time !

I'll also miss seeing the gorgeous Mt Kosciuszko and Snowy Mountains all covered in snow...

view of the Snowy Mountains from Chisholm Street Tumbarumba

but I'm very excited that in just a little while I'll be walking on the beach at Primrose Sands - oh such bliss !! we had a shack there when I was a kid and I have such fond memories :)

It will be so nice to go home to the place I was born and spent my childhood but its changed so much too that it will be fun to check out all of the new things - "moving to Tassie" has become quite the trend in the tree/sea change over the years so there will be lots of surprises, especially in the food and art scenes :) but of course while there might be more actual houses at Primrose Sands now, the beach is still exactly as I remember it !

this view of Hobart is always hard to take too - haha !! My beautiful Mount Wellington, the Derwent River, and the Tasman Bridge - its the view that greets you on driving into Hobart from the airport and I never grow tired of it - in fact, this photo was the screen saver on my work computer :)

I'm going to try and get some quilting done (for the last quarter of the finish-along) when I first get there and then look forward to spending christmas with my family - my cousins and aunts and uncles - before getting back to reality and trying to find a job in the new year !

01 November 2017

October Quilty 365

Its the first of November - wow - another year almost disappeared ! its also my mum's birthday today so happy birthday mum xxx

and its time for another month of quilty 365 blocks

My block choices are pretty much as usual - a mix of flowers and animals and spots and stripes - but I did have fun using some different colour backgrounds as well as some patterned backgrounds.

I've used some of my favourite DS fabrics as well as Bluebird Park by Kate and Birdie and Cotton and Steel - there's even a little bit of Liberty this month !

Tula Pink, more Cotton and Steel as well as Momo and my favourite Violet Craft fabrics - my friend Bert's birthday is celebrated with a Violet Craft flower :) and of course I had to include a halloween block - orange bats from another project - just right !

 With only 2 more months to go I'm getting excited about seeing all of these blocks together - still working out whether to put them in date order or just scatter them about !

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08 October 2017

the last quarter of this year's Finish-A-Long

I had a list of proposed finishes for the 3rd quarter Finish-A-Long and of course didn't get any of them done - its been a bit hectic around here lately !! as there are still a few hours to link up with the last quarter Finish-A-Long I'm just going to repost that list - I'm hoping to have some time in November and December to get these long overdue quilts actually quilted and finished !!


I'm hoping to finish at least these six tops listed - all except one have appeared on at least one Finish-A-Long list !!

Nested Churn Dash quilt - a Care Circle quilt that has been sewn together and needs quilting and finishing.

Star blocks quilt - this quilt top needs quilting and finishing.

Polka Dot Circles quilt - blocks need to be sewn together into a top, quilted, and finished !

Scrappy Plus quilt - blocks need to be sewn together into a top, quilted, and finished !

Pink Pez Mod Pop - this quilt is from my first Finish-A-Long post back in 2013 ! I had a quilting plan that I tried a couple of years ago and it didn't work so it was put away - I've now got another quilting design in mind so fingers crossed this one works :)

Mango Dreamin' - this quilt design is Jacquie Gering's Atomic Squares Quilt which appeared in Modern Quilts Unlimited and I just loved the mid century mod design ! I still need to organise thread and a backing for this one but I have a simple quilting plan in mind so hopefully it will get finished !

I'm pretty confident that I'll have these done by the end of this quarter and I'm hoping that will set me up to get a few more finishes done next year :)

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04 October 2017

September Quilty 365 blocks

Eeeeeep I'm late, I'm late ... due to technical issues I'm a couple of days late with this post - well actually, I had issues when I went to post on Sunday so I thought I'd post on Monday and here it is Wednesday - ooops !!!

so without any further ado, here are my September quilty 365 blocks !!

I used some coloured backgrounds - I didn't want to end up with an all white backing so it will be interesting when I go to arrange the quilt !!

I found a few more Tula prints that I haven't previously used - as usual there are a few animal prints - it really will be like an I spy quilt :)

Can't believe I haven't previously used my favourite Denyse Schmidt fabric - the pink one above - its an original Flea Market Fancy fabric and its the perfect shade of pink ♥♥♥

and a few more favourites from this month ...

and how perfect are these spring lambs for the first day of spring !!

Hope you are making good progress with your circle blocks - only a few months to go !!