10 February 2020

finally furtling

my friend Helen who blogs over at Archie the Wonderdog decided to revive her blog last year and to encourage others back to blogging she is hosting a monthly link up called Furtling Around the Blogosphere!

 Furtling Around the Blogosphere

That was last January and at the time I was really excited about getting back into blogging as I really miss not having more info about projects with the process and ideas included but of course another year has been and gone and I haven't done a Furtle post at all !!

and I might have winced just a bit (or was that a wink!) when reading a recent post by Audrey of Quilty Folk ... and I quote ... 
"Don't you just love the people who write a post after being gone for 9 months, tell us how wonderful the blogging community is and how they're recommitting? Then after another post or two they disappear forever. We're like, 'Hey, come back here! We love you!'. But it's no use, they're off over at Instagram scooping up the 'likes'."
Audrey is an amazing blogger, a prolific maker, and an allround lovely person - she makes the most wonderful improv quilts with amazing hand quilting and posts incredible details about the making of her quilts. Oh and she is the mastermind behind Quilty 365 !

Even though I think I haven't made that much to blog about, when I look around I have so many projects on the go and although it is fun to have instant feedback when posting on Instagram I really do worry that the algorithms they use mean that I don't even see the people I love anymore anyway and the advertising is getting more and more !! I do love having all of this blank space to post photos and tell stories, especially as I'm such a long term maker - haha !

As usual at this time of year I'm trying to come up with a plan to get all the projects done - I re-read a few of my previous year's first planning posts which obviously didn't work but it was fun reading :) I'm going to go with the "working on mainly one project for the month" plan for the moment.

I've been working on a couple of projects this year that I'll share soon and recently I've moved forward on my Midnight at the Oasis quilt.

The orange peel blocks have been my slow point - I have a bit of an issue with hand applique that I think is to do with my RA but since I've discovered turned edge applique I'm finding it easier to prepare the pieces and I'm actually getting the blocks hand sewn a bit quicker - I also have my Quilty 365 blocks close by so I've been hand sewing those a little as well !

I really love the little stitches on the back of the applique !

I know I said I was going to work on mainly one project but of course I'm always getting distracted by the latest bright and shiny thing - the above mentioned Audrey is also a member of The Ad Hoc Improvisational Quilters

Their first prompt for this year is Hourglass blocks and I've found that I have a large stash of half square triangles just right for making lots of improv hourglass blocks - of course I've yet to start but the ideas are whirring around in my head!!

I'm off to walk the dog and then hopefully a little hand sewing before bed :)

have an awesome week !


  1. Hi Leanne! It's good to see you blog again! The quote you posted from Audrey at QuiltyFolk is SO true! I've been dedicated to my blog for 11 years (as of January), and I'm truly glad I've stuck it out. I can SAY so much more there, and interact better with friends. However, as of December 2019, I have the same issue as many other commenters in that I cannot comment on blog posts from my computer. The only way I can comment on any blog (including yours) is to do so on my phone! It's been really frustrating because I keyboard WAY faster on a computer. So, when I go to someone's blog and see that the Google profile doesn't have a picture of me - even though I'm logged-in - I know I'm going to have to go to my phone to say anything. Sigh. Google doesn't seem to be doing a darned thing about the problem either. Okay... enough rant. I really do love the handwork pieces you're doing. You make me want to pick up a hand piecing project of my own. Well, I AM doing EPP, but that can be hurtful on the hands. I think a hand-pieced project is just right. Keep up the good work!

  2. The hourglass prompt at AHIQ is very intriguing, your hsts should be an excellent start! Thanks for the shout out.:) It really is tough to keep up with the blogging sometimes. I don't blame people at all, just miss them!:)

  3. Hi Leanne. Thank you for your comment on my blog and I'm sorry I didn't respond. Having come over and seen your post I think your orange peel blocks look wonderfully colourful! I like how interesting the backs look that it almost a shame to cover up with wadding and backing!
    I think that blogging is a good way to add detail that your just can't add to Instagram or Facebook posts. I mainly use my blog as a journal (because I'm terrible at keeping up with a proper paper one!)

  4. Hooray for blogging!! I’m thrilled you’ve furtled - thank you for spreading the word about it! Your orange peel blocks are gorgeous, I’m looking forward to seeing more of your MATO over the coming months x


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