10 January 2020

welcome 2020

sunset in Hobart 30 December 2019

and what a start to the new decade here in Australia - I took this photo the day before new year's eve in Hobart - no filters needed.  Its amazing to think we're already 10 days into the new year and it feels like there's a hush over the whole country.

I had plans for a roundup post in January so I could link up to Helen and Archie's Furtle Around but over the Christmas - New Year break the bushfires, already burning in parts of Australia, turned up a notch and so those plans were put on hold.  By Christmas Day there were bushfires raging in every part of Australia.

map of bushfires in Australia on Christmas Day 2019
photo -

The town of Tumbarumba where I lived until a few years ago had fires at the edge of town on New Year's Eve and lost the mobile phone tower that night - by Friday the town was evacuated.  Such a scary situation to be in.  Thankfully no lives were lost.

Its such a tragic situation that its hard not to get drawn into the hopelessness. I'm listing a few places if you would like to donate directly.

Red Cross Australia

Wires Animal Rescue

Australian World Wildlife Fund

so instead of planning projects for the new year I started sewing pouches for wildlife and this week I worked on the first challenge for Season 11 of Project Quilting which I'll post about later.

I'll still have a roundup post to show off some of my makes from last year including my finally finished Double Wedding Ring quilt that I started five or six years ago - there are so many Finish Along posts about this quilt its probably the most mentioned quilt here - I might check the stats on that :)

double wedding ring quilt - last few stitches on the binding

and I'll also post my plans for this year which include finishing my Midnight at the Oasis quilt !

my version of Midnight at the Oasis quilt by Jen Kingwell of Amitie Textiles

so a belated happy new year and cheers to another year of creativity :)


  1. Even though you're far from fires, I'm terribly sorry for what happened in your former town, Tumbarumba. Surely you know some of the people who had to be evacuated. It's devastating to know this is all happening, even though we're so far removed from it here in the US. I saw on Instagram, just this morning, that crafters have been asked to stop sewing items for wildlife, as the organizing is accessing how many will be used. It's still good to know you're making, and finishing, and your hand quilting is lovely.

  2. Every morning, I turn on the news and hope that this is the morning there’s good news about the fires...


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