25 March 2015

and the winner is ...

its time for the drawing of The Betsy Travel Bag winner - yippee !!

thanks so much to everyone for leaving a comment with your fabric choices - there are so many fantastic fabrics out there it would be hard to go wrong :)

I hope you've been following along on The Betsy Travel Bag Blog Tour - there are some gorgeous bags being shown !  I've re-posted the details in case you want to check them out.

The  Betsy  Travel  Bag  Blog  Hop  Schedule  

March  17
pattern available for pre-­sale  through  RCM  shop

Blog  Hop  Day  1  posts

March  19
Blog  Hop  Day  2  posts
that's me !!

March  21
Blog  Hop  Day  3  posts

March  23
Blog  Hop  Day  4  posts
Don't Call Me Betsy

 March  25
Blog  Hop  Day  5  posts

March  27
Blog  Hop  Day  6  post

March  29
Blog  Hop  Day  7  post

March  31
Blog  Hop  Day  8  post
(photo  roundup)

So onto the winner winner chicken dinner !

Mr RNG picked number 3 who is Twins Squared !!!!  Congratulations, I've sent you off an email !

I look forward to everyone joining in the sew-along which starts next week and I can't wait to see all the awesome bags from that !!

happy sewing

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