12 January 2015

starting again !

Yep - its time to list the first quarter for the 2015 Finish-Along - this year being hosted by the lovely Adrianne at On The Windy Side.

With a little better achievement last year than the year before it still took me quite a while to decide what to list for this first new year quarter !  I really don't like the idea of putting those well worn items from the past few years on again but they're still UFOs and they need to be finished but hopefully by adding a few new items I can mix it up !!

First up I'll put my two care quilts from last year on the list ...

Quilt 1 - Nested Churn Dash

Nested Churn Dash scrappy quilt

this year my queen bee months for the Care Quilts are May and July so if I get these two done in the first quarter it will give me a clean slate !

Quilt 2 - Scrappy Star - still need to organise a backing for this one !

scrappy simple star quilt

I'm also going to include one of my favourites from last year ...

Quilt 3 - The Single Girl

single girl quilt

as well as one that didn't even see the light of day !

Quilt 4 - The Polka Dot Dresden

polka dot dresden quilt

I'll also include two that I'm currently working on ...

Quilt 5 - the Aviatrix Medallion quilt

aviatrix medallion quilt

and Quilt 6 - my Plus Comma quilt

Plus quilt in Comma by Zen Fabrics

Lastly I'll include another from my 2014 last quarter list as it only needs quilting although I do need to order the binding.

Quilt 7 - Postcard from Sweden quilt

Postcard from Sweden a half square triangle quilt

So again, fingers crossed that I can get these done - normally I'd say that I hope to get a few done but this year is my year for finishes so I'm getting them all done !

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side


  1. Happy sewing all these wonderful projects!

  2. Holy wow. That Postcard From Sweden quilt is stunning! (And hee, Aviatrix Medallion! It's such a spectacular quilt!)

    Good luck with your finishes!

  3. Oh my gosh, Leanne! You sure have some lovelies here! And you've bitten off a huge goal to get them all finished. Aren't you employed outside the home too?! The Nested Churn Dash is sure pretty. Hope you finish that one first, though your Ikea/Postcard from Sweden one is really fabulous too. Now... go get-'em!

  4. Go for it! Gorgeous quilts there! I love your Postcards from Sweden !

  5. I absolutely LOVE your Postcard from Sweden!


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