03 April 2014

show winners !

I managed to get mum's cushion (pillow) made by the deadline to enter it into the local show a couple of weekends ago.

I started it on the weekend before so it didn't take that long to do.

I love how it comes together in stages :)

I did a bit of quilting on it - both the centre pieces as well as around the outside of the points and geese and love how it turned out.

As I also got the binding done on the catvent quilt I decided to enter that as well, along with Lucy's cot quilt that I made last year.

I went to the show which was held on Saturday 15 March and was amazed to find a second prize ticket on Lucy's quilt ! I couldn't believe it - I thought that having the binding machine sewn would automatically mean it wouldn't get a look it but not so !!

I walked along a bit further and saw my catvent quilt (the little multi-coloured cat faces in the bottom left of this photo) - its really quite exciting to see pieces you've made on display with heaps of others :)

No ticket but I love it - the one that won that section is up above it to the right - the one with the NY Beauty and Brolgas - a stunning quilt !

I found mum's cushion a little further along and nearly fell over when I saw the first prize ticket on it !! oh my goodness I was just a little excited :)  turns out that the section I'd entered it in came with a first prize of $10 - woo hoo - most of the other sections pay $2 for first and $1 for second (entries are only 50 cents) so I scored really big with that one !!

When I went to pick up my entries I discovered I'd also won a digital radio in a raffle and later that afternoon I found out I'd won a $30 voucher to GnomeAngel fabric shop through Instagram - so all in all a wonderfully lucky day !!

not so lucky that I'd got mixed up about linking up to a lovely year of finishes in the last seven days of the month - not the first seven of the next month !! but hey - I got my finish done and that's the main thing :)

so I'm off to find another long overdue project to link up to A Lovely Year of Finishes for April !


  1. Oh wow! Yay for you, Leanne! It's so easy to enter things in a quilt show... and now look what you've done. Gone and won! The pillow is truly lovely. Bet your mum is as proud as punch too! Congratulations!

  2. Lovely pillow, totally deserving of a blue ribbon. Congratulations!

  3. love that cushion - well done for the first prize!!


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