15 December 2011

uber-fest quilt

so I've finished the blocks and now need to get the top of the Blogger's Uber-Fest Quilt done - I thought I might do sashings in between the blocks (thanks for your suggestion Peg) - I'm thinking the same Kona snow that's in the blocks (the sashing shown in the photo below is Moda snow which is creamier than the Kona one)

and I've just discovered some more Patricia Bravo fabric (Oval Elements) that I think would look great for the binding and backing - just need to decide on the colour - the first one is prune brown (anyone else think that's a terrible colour name !) and the second one is eggplant - I'm leaning toward the first one as its almost the same as the plum colour in the anna horner fabric - decisions, decisions, decisions :)


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  1. Prune Brown... hmmm. Bad choice in name but I was thinking that it was a good match. When I saw your quilt it reminded me of an album cover!



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