04 December 2011

six things about string blocks

as I've mentioned, I joined in the mini scrap basket swap at flickr and the first block swap is a 6 1/2" scrappy string block.  I made some more blocks over the weekend and thought I'd share a few things I've learnt...

* make at least 4 blocks before you decide you don't like the look of your first block

* always cut the paper foundation bigger than the required block

* ensure the last strip is bigger than 1/4 inch - otherwise it will be hidden by the seam when sewn together

* if a strip just fits, use another strip - be generous with overhangs

* if you sew something else on your machine and change the stitch length in between doing string blocks, ensure you change it back before sewing your strips

 - that way you won't pull out stitches trying to remove the paper backing

*  and beware, string blocks are addictive :)


  1. I love sewing string blocks! I'm curious to know what you use as your paper foundation. I've always used phone book pages. They're great because they're free and abundant! Here's the link to my free pattern for making string blocks:

  2. Thanks for the tips! Only wish I had read this before I started my string blocks for the Mini Scrap Basket Swap. I saw the link to your blog post in the flickr discussion after 1/2 my blocks were sewn. Measured them and, sure enough, they are all a teensy bit smaller than 6.5."

    Back to the drawing board!

  3. i know this is an old post, but just saw this in the swap discussion. I chuckled as I read this because I 'learned' all those exact same things as well :) I'm keeping a few of those 'learning opportunities' blocks for myself, and will fix em up to use with the ones I received :)


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