29 October 2011

the ghastlies update

I hope you've been enjoying the ghastlies blog hop so far - my ghastlie sisters have been so inspiring with their amazing projects - I've got more ghastlie projects on my to do list now :)

you can find the schedule for the blog hop at this post.

its my day on Tuesday 1 November ... here's a sneak peek of one of my projects ... oh, and I might have a little giveaway as well :)

Our Ghastlie leader Madame Samm has organised some generous giveaways for this blog hop and the winners from this week were...

Day 1 - The lady of the cloth won 4 yards of The Ghastlies fabric

Day 2 - Cherise won the pink blue fig wheeled sewing bag
Day 3 - Sheri and Jackie both won 4 yards of The Ghastlies fabric

Day 4 - Evelyn won 3 Creative Grids Rulers

Day 5 - Manda and Dannelle both won 4 yards of The Ghastlies fabric


  1. love all your ghastlie projects. wonderful job! also I love mug rugs......

  2. wow! You did a fantastic staging job. Love these pics!!! (and, yes, I love mug rugs)


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