27 September 2011

the ghastlies

I've joined The Ghastlies blog hop being run by Madame Samm - eeek - that means I have to get this blog live line by the end of October - double eeeek !

I love the ghastlies fabric - it is sooo cute - but I'm having trouble getting a variety as it seems most places are out of stock and they have it on backorder so hope to get some by the end of October - The Ghastlies blog hop starts on 24 October and runs to 4 November and everyone who is in is making something to do a show and tell - I have a few ideas of what I'd like to make - to make everything just that bit tighter (why do I run on deadlines?) my machine is currently away being serviced !

I took these photos at the end of July when I walked out of work and there was a storm brewing - these trees always make me think of the ghastlies - the little spot is a rain drop !  there's also a photo of what the trees look like on a normal winter day.


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