25 November 2014

aussie aviatrix quilt along

Earlier this year on instagram there was some talk of doing Elizabeth Hartman's Aviatrix Medallion quilt.  I'd bought the pattern but hadn't yet tackled it and then a few months ago Linden from Vine Lines Quilting decided to start a quilt-a-long and asked me to join in - it was the perfect opportunity to make this wonderful quilt with a heap of other Aussie girls !

The quilt-a-long started in mid-September and as is usual with me I started a bit late - originally I was going to purchase Kona solids to make my quilt in Elizabeth's colours but in the end decided to shop my stash and I'm so glad I did !  I grouped my colours like Elizabeth's choices in green, orange, blue, and violet ( well mine are more pink !)

I started by cutting out all the pieces - this is a very piece heavy quilt and there is a lot of cutting - I think it took me most of the weekend to do the cutting.

Then a few weeks ago I finally got to courage to start the medallion centre - sewing the pieces into quarters then a week or so later I finished it !

the medallion was fun to put together although it was slow sewing - with stories from the others about blocks not lining up I was making sure all my templates matched - sewing the four quarters together was a challenge and its still not perfect but I'm calling it done !

the first border was a breeze with my favourite half square triangles using the neutral colours and I really love how it looks.

the second border was just as fun - of course having all of the blocks cut previously is an inspired idea as you can just put fabrics together and sew - it took me most of the day to get to this stage though!

I've made a start on the third border by marking the 160 tiny squares on the diagonal - I used to think doing sew and flip was fun but after doing so many in the Quilty Fun sew-a-long and now these, my love has turned luke-warm !

I've also made the strips for the fourth border which looks like another fun border.

While I haven't quite finished the 3rd and 4th borders I have almost finished the 5th border - here's a sneak peak !

If you're on instagram hash tag #aussieaviatrixqal to see all the wonderful quilts being made - they look so amazing in all of the different fabrics !

My day is next Monday 1 December  Tuesday 2 December - I'll be showing my finished border 5 blocks and sharing some tips!


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