28 January 2017

Sugar Block Club 3.0

I'm so excited to share all of my finished blocks from last year's Sugar Block Club 3.0 - a free BOM run by Amy Gibson of Stitchery Dickory Dock !

I made 6 blocks in 2016 (photos here) so I'm happy that I've managed to finish the final 6 at the beginning of 2017 - this might be one of my faster quilts - ha !!

October's Bear Tracks

December's Sugar Plum Forest

July's Lady Liberty

September's To and Fr

August's Shenandoah block

and November's Morning Sun block - applique is almost complete !

This is the layout I've chosen - I'll put sashing in between the blocks and I'm considering putting a border around it to make it bigger but I'll cross that bridge later !

I'm looking forward to putting these blocks together as I'm loving all of the Denyse Schmidt fabrics (swoon!!) I think I'll have to make another DS quilt soon !!

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20 January 2017

2014 Aurifil Designer of the Month

I'm so excited that I've actually finished the blocks for the 2014 Auriful Designer of the Month sew along - after two and a half years it only took two weekends to get the 5 missing blocks done !!

I'm really not sure what happened in 2014 for me to stop making the blocks - obviously someone yelled squirrel !! eeek I am so easily distracted !

These are the blocks I'd already done - I really love the fabrics !

Aurifil Designer of the Month 2014 blocks

and these are the blocks I made recently !

October - circle of love block designed by Jane Davidson

circle of love block

June - chain links block designed by Heidi Pridemore

Chain Links block

September - Stars of my Life designed by Pat Wys

stars of my life block

November - tossed salad block designed by Scott Hansen

Tossed Salad block

December - Not afraid of flying designed by Carrie Nelson

Not afraid of Flying block

Can't wait to see them all laid out and then put sashing in between and sew them up - I've listed this project on my 100 day challenge so hopefully I'm on track for that !

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10 January 2017


Audrey over at Quilty Folk started a Quilty 365 project in November 2015 - she started making circle blocks with a 4 1/2 inch square background with the aim of making one block a day for a year - picking fabrics that feel right each day !

As others wanted to join in this project Audrey started a monthly linky party for everyone to link up their monthly blocks.

I only happened upon this project at the end of last year when I was doing the 100 days 100 blocks sew along so I put it on my list for this year !

Audrey is now at the end of her project and she put out a call for someone to take over the linky party and as I've just started my Quilty365 project I thought it would be fun to host the monthly block link up - I figure it will keep me on track as well !! I know there are a few other people who are making these blocks or have just started so I thought it would be fun to continue Audrey's project !

I'm making my circles more like squircles and I started on the last day of 2016 so I have 10 blocks in various stages so far and I'm still to pick today's scrap !  I'm also keeping a little diary of why I picked each fabric - I'll see how long that lasts but I thought it would be fun to look through at the end.  I'm writing each block number on the back of my blocks too and I'll line them up chronologically for the linky party although who knows how I'll lay them out at the very end.

If you want to join in with the fun, check out all the info about the blocks over at Audrey's blog  and come back here on 1 February for the first link-up of 2017 - you can also grab the Quilty 365 blog button on my sidebar !

If you want to see all the amazing circle quilts that were done last year - check out the December 2016 link-ups here and January 2017 link-ups here and if you're on Instagram, check out the #quilty365 hashtag !  My friend Smazoochie has made a mostly polka dot circle quilt that is fabulous and Maryse has made her circles with a red background that looks so amazing !!

Please leave a comment or drop me a line if you need any further info too :)

07 January 2017

100 day challenge

I'm joining with Jen (Quilter in the Closet) again this year for the 100 day challenge - I seem to have a lot more confidence for getting goals achieved this year - maybe its getting older that's doing it !!

Last year I joined in and actually managed to get one project out of three done - albeit a couple of months later !!

This year I'm listing the following projects - one new quilt, and three UFOs and two have a deadline just after the 100 days is up so I'm crossing my fingers they will get done !!

My cousin Susan's Quilts - well this is two projects - one is a quilt top that needs to be quilted and finished and the other is a plan and some fabric ! I made a quilt for my cousin in 2011 but never finished it.  It was one of the first quilts I'd made and its actually pretty small so I think that's the reason it never got finished so I've got a plan to make her another bigger quilt and have them both finished to be able to gift her when I visit her again this April - so the deadline is perfect for getting these done.

Susan's St Kilda quilt

Foxley Village -  this is a block of the month from last year that was available in Australian Homespun magazine - its applique, embroidery and traditional blocks and its so cute !! I started late and of course I haven't made a block for a while so I'm putting this one on my 100 day list to get the blocks done and a finished top !  I'm using the needle turn technique that uses wash away paper so a few of the blocks are prepped but all of it still needs to be appliqued  UPDATE - I thought I'd get out the blocks that need to be appliqued to work on today and surprise surprise they're all appliqued down - yippee I'm further ahead than I thought !!

Foxley Village block of the month

Aurifil 2014 block of the month - while I was sorting out my sewing room over christmas I came across this old block of the month.  I'm putting it on the list as I only have 5 blocks to make and I really love the fabrics in it !  I'm hoping I can get the blocks sewn and the quilt top done ready for quilting !!

Aurifil 2014 Block of the Month

So that's my three (well 3 1/2)  projects that are due to be finished by 15 April 2017 - really hope I can do it !!

If you want to join in just click on the button below to read all about the Challenge and link up !


06 January 2017

2017 quilt project planning

It seems a lot of quilters are planning their goals for this year and like me are taking a different approach to goal setting !!

With so many projects on the go and after a few years of planning and not getting things done or planning and then doing totally different projects I've decided to do things differently this year and only plan a handful of projects that I'd like to get done.

I'm hoping that by having a list with only a few hand sewing and machine sewing projects on it I might actually get some finished which might just motivate me to keep going - I'm also allowing myself a couple of new projects so I don't think I'm missing out altogether !

First on my short-term short list is the Bubbles Bee - this is a Flickr bee and its my only commitment this year - I only have four more blocks to make for this Bee and one of them is already overdue from November !!

Bubbles Bee block

Tula Pink Gridlock quilt - I made the blocks for this quilt as part of the 100 days 100 blocks sewalong - the challenge is still going to finish the top by 24 January !  I've got the blocks sewn into rows and just need to finish the rows and borders - I'm sure I can get this done by the deadline !

block 100 - 100 days100 blocks

Green Tea and Sweet Beans - this is my slow hand sewing project - I seem to have taken a liking to hand applique last year and I'm really enjoying doing the blocks for this quilt - I have a stack of hand sewing projects waiting in the wings for when this one is finished !

Green Tea and Sweet Beans block

Hawaiian Applique - this is a small hand sewing project that will probably be finished by the end of this month then will go into a box with a couple of other blocks to be made into something down the track !

Hawaiian applique - Carolyn Friedlander

Sugar Camp BOM - a block of the month project from last year - still need to make a few blocks and sew the blocks into a top.

Sugar Camp 3.0

Project 48 BOM - another block of the month project from last year - maybe half of the blocks still to be done for this one !

Project 48 flower block

Max and Whiskers wonky - seriously this quilt has been getting FMQ'd for the past 4 years - it needs to be finished !!  I decided to pebble quilt the white border around the blocks and I've found its very hard going to quilt white on white in small detail - I think I only have a row or two of the white borders still to quilt then I'm going to do a light all over design in the background - phew !!

Wonky Squares quilt

Double Wedding Ring - its been 3 years since I finished this quilt top so I'd love to get this one quilted and finished too!  I only have a row or two of hand quilting left but I usually only work on it one or two nights a month so I need to work on it a bit more consistently !

Double Wedding Ring quilt

I've also started a Quilty365 project and I'm joining in Jen's 100 day challenge.  There might be another thing or two to add to my list but this is what I'm starting with !

I'm feeling confident about having only short term goals and not worrying too much about all the other projects - I've put all those away into boxes in the back of cupboards so that I'm not thinking about them and I'm only seeing the things on this list !

I might do a project update in June to see how my new goal-setting plan is fairing  What was I thinking - I need to do an update on a monthly basis so that I actually move some of these projects to the done list !! so I'll do an update at the end of each month and then make a plan for the following month - hopefully that will work - ha !!

So have you made plans for this year ? I'd love to hear about them !