07 April 2011

naked bed challenge

Yep, you read right - its a naked bed challenge - Sarah from The Last Piece has put out a challenge to make a bed quilt - so of course as I've got nothing else to do I signed up - although I do have a quilt on my bed that my mother made me (which I love) I had been thinking about making a bed quilt in the past few weeks cause in this cold climate you can't have too many quilts!

I've already had a couple of thoughts of what I'll make for the challenge but I'll think about it some more - the tops have to be finished by 2 June so no rush really !!

05 April 2011

modern relief Japan - FUNDRAISING CANCELLED

Due to legal issues the girls aren't able to do this fundraising now- hopefully they'll organise some other way of raising money for the quilts...
you may have noticed I'm discovering a love of blog buttons - they are just so darn cute - but the one I've put up today is for a very good cause - to raise much needed funds for Japan and by donating you may also win a gorgeous new quilt.

Each Monday for the next six weeks - 4 April to 16 May - a new set of quilts included in the raffle will be shown on the Modern Relief blog - all you have to do is donate - each $10 gets you a raffle ticket - you can donate as many times as you like and there are 75 quilts in the raffle.