19 July 2017

Photobucket fail !

Just a quick post about the recent goings on at Photobucket - a formerly free image hosting site. If you've wandered around blogs and the internet lately you might have noticed previously lovely images have disappeared and in their place are these ugly notices !!

They very quietly changed their 3rd party image hosting policy earlier this month and its gone from free to $400 US per year - add another $100 to that in Australian dollars ! Photobucket has now been accused of all sorts of things including blackmail after images just disappeared across the internet !

My blog buttons are still showing but I did get a notice today (3 weeks after the policy came into effect) that I needed to update so I've moved my Quilty 365 blog button to Flickr. I've updated the link under the blog button so if you've used this link you might like to update it - just copy the new one and paste over the old one !


The Photobucket link is still working for the moment but I'm sure it will disappear soon and I'll use Flickr for any other images that I need to embed in the future :)

So now that is sorted I can get back to some hand stitching !

08 July 2017

2017 finish-a-long Q3

Its time for the third quarter in the 2017 Finish-A-Long - I'm joining in this quarter with a list of quilts that need to be quilted !

Over previous years I've joined in the world wide event that is the Finish-A-Long and I wasn't really that successful in getting finishes done but I'm a bit more determined now (read - my UFO list is out of control!!) so I'm willing to try again - haha !!


I just checked back and discovered that the first list I made was for the 2013 Finish-A-Long and I'm very happy to say that two of the four quilts that were on my first list are actually finished (yay !!) however the quilting still needs to be done on the other two (boo !!).

I might go back through the previous lists and dig out the projects that still need finishing (hopefully there aren't too many) and put them on the last quarter list but for this quarter its all about the quilting and I'm hoping I have time to finish at least these six tops listed - all except one have appeared on at least one Finish-A-Long list !!

Nested Churn Dash quilt - a Care Circle quilt that has been sewn together and needs quilting and finishing - I can't decide on the quilting which is why this one has never been finished - I think I'm just going to do wavy lines with the walking foot if I don't come up with another idea soon !

Star blocks quilt - this quilt top needs quilting and finishing - I've got a free motion quilting plan for this one !!

Polka Dot Circles quilt - blocks need to be sewn together into a top, quilted, and finished !

Scrappy Plus quilt - blocks need to be sewn together into a top, quilted, and finished !

Pink Pez Mod Pop - this quilt is from my first Finish-A-Long post back in 2013 ! I had a quilting plan that I tried a couple of years ago and it didn't work so it was put away - I've now got another quilting design in mind so fingers crossed this one works :)

Mango Dreamin' - this quilt design is Jacquie Gering's Atomic Squares Quilt which appeared in Modern Quilts Unlimited and I just loved the mid century mod design !  I ordered the fabrics - Michael Miller's Cotton Couture in Tangerine, Star Fruit, and Mud - not long after I bought the magazine back in 2013 and since then its been waiting to be made.  I started cutting the pieces sometime last year and then finally pulled it out again a few weeks ago - changed my mind on the block and colour combinations I'd originally planned - and made the top!  I kind of have a plan for the quilting and I also have a plan for a few more of these quilts in different fabrics!

That's my list for this time - hope I can make my UFO list just that little bit smaller !! good luck if you're trying to get some finishes done too :)

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01 July 2017

June Quilty 365 blocks

Its the end of another month so that means its time for another lot of Quilty 365 blocks !

I managed to get all of my blocks prepped and I even got a few sewn !

I really am having a lot of fun finding fabrics for these circle blocks although I am starting to wonder if I've already used a particular fabric so I'm having to refer back to previous blog posts to check !!

I'm also loving having the occasional coloured solid for the backgrounds.

These two blocks are my ode to winter - the first block reminds me of rain reflections on the street and the last block is of a bare tree which is what all the trees in my area look like now !!

I still need to search my Tula Pink scraps for some little circles but I knew I had this sweet little Raccoon just waiting to pop up !

I also made a few of the circles from scraps - I like having the teeny pieces of scraps being put to good use !

I hope you're still having fun making these little blocks - we're at the half way mark - woohoo !! :)