15 March 2017

Building Blocks Tuesday

I’ve been making another Bubbles Bee block this week – in red and black for Jan – I’m trying to get it finished as I’m a few blocks behind and the Bee finishes this month !

red and black Bubbles Bee block

The Bubbles Bee is making blocks based on Aylin's Bubbles quilt.  Its a log cabin block that makes circles which is just so fabulous !  This round of the Bee started in June last year with members all over the world.

I’ve made a few other Bubbles blocks over the past few months - this one in yellow and black - the dark background really makes the bubble pop !

yellow and black Bubbles Bee block

this one in all the blues - very calming !

blue and cream Bubbles Bee block

and this one in pink with a white and text background - Lisa requested pinks with no or minimal white and I'm pretty amazed that I was able to find fabrics with no white - I've discovered that so many fabrics have a lot of white included, especially "modern" fabrics !

pink and white Bubbles Bee block

You can see the earlier blocks I made here and here – I'm so looking forward to seeing the finished quilts as they will all be so colourful !

While making the blocks is a little time consuming, I think the end result is worth it.  My best tip is to have the strips cut and sorted before you start sewing !!

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14 March 2017

day 60 update

its time for the 60 day check-in in the 100 day challenge - well that was 10 days ago so hopefully Jen over at Quilter in the Closet won't notice I'm a little late !!

My projects for this year's challenge were:
  1. sew the Aurifil 2014 BOM blocks and finish the quilt top - blocks finished
  2. sew the Foxley Village 2016 BOM blocks and finish the quilt top
  3. FMQ and complete my cousin Susan's quilt (top done in 2011)
  4. and make a Plus quilt from start to finish (new project but being planned for a while !)
Since my day 30 update I've been working on the Foxley Village BOM quilt and I've completed the houses block

Foxley Village Houses in a Row

and I'm almost finished the garden gate block !

Foxley Village Centre block

I seem to be making good progress with this quilt - hope the next 30 days is just as productive !!

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01 March 2017

February link-up - Quilty 365 (2017)

Yay - its time for the second Quilty 365 linkup for 2017 !!


It's the first of March so another month of blocks to link up - I've created circles every day although I only have a couple actually sewn ! I'm not concerned as I've got a few other deadlines keeping me busy until May so I figure as long as I keep choosing the circles every day I can sew them over winter.

I had fun again this month in picking out fabrics every day - I'm enjoying jotting down a few notes about the choices I'm making on the day too !

This is block 55 from last Thursday - Quiltcon was about to start and I discovered a box of scraps with pieces already sewn together and this sweet bee and text was just right for that day - instead of wishing I was at Quiltcon I thought about finding the quiet joy instead !!

Loving these sweet little animal blocks too !

and of course I had to change it up for Valentine's Day this month with a little hand-drawn heart block in my favourite Cotton and Steel XOXO in Velvet Ribbon ♥