22 February 2015

A Dear Jane day

today is the day I started my Dear Jane journey !

while I was supposed to be sewing something else I suddenly got to urge to start my Dear Jane quilt.

I've created a separate page with info about my Dear Jane and a virtual design wall to keep my blocks in order but thought that I'd do a post for the blocks as I go as well.

Today I picked out four of the easier blocks - A-6, B-13, E-10, and M-10

Dear Jane block A-6
A-6 Uncle Homer
B-13 Four Corner Press

Dear Jane Five and Dime E-10
E-10 Five and Dime

Dear Jane Simple Simon M-10
M-10 Simple Simon
I still need to applique the melons onto the E-10 block but hopefully I'll get that done tonight !!

If you're new to Dear Jane, please check out Brenda Papadakis' Dear Jane website.